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Introducing the Gespasa MGI Flow Meter Range

PRESS RELEASE: For Distribution April 2018

Gespasa MGI Flow Meter Range

The MGI series of flow meters from Gespasa, now available from Bell Flow Systems in the UK. MGI meters are a range of pulsed oval gear flow meters with models suitable for use with diesel, oil and AdBlue. They provide an accurate, reliable and cost effective option for measuring and monitoring fluid flow in various applications.


The MGI meters for diesel and oil come in sizes from ½" to 3" and give a high resolution pulse output and accuracy to better than ±0.5% of the reading. Because of their high accuracy these are ideal for using with fuel management or batching systems and also with diesel fuel consumption applications.



A range of waterproof (IP66) digital and pulsed AdBlue meters provide an excellent option for monitoring these fluids where there is a chance of contact with the fluid or water ingress. The meters have a hermetically sealed front, which avoids any water or AdBlue from entering the electronics and improves the reliability and robustness of the meter. Available in two flow ranges; 4-40 l/min and 5-110 l/min with accuracies of better than ±0.8% these meters serve a range of AdBlue dispensing and transfer applications.


The MGI Meters can be paired with the new GE volume pre-set controller. The GE display is designed to connect to pulsed flow meters and control the dispensed volume by allowing the user to easily input the required quantity and switching a pump or solenoid valve at the correct times. The GE display also benefits from an external switch input, which can be connected to a micro switch on a nozzle holder to in turn switch power to a pump or valve when the user is ready to dispense.

Bell Flow Systems offers a wide range of fluid measurement and control products and can offer bespoke solutions for batching and fluid management applications for a variety of fuels and fluids tailored to the user's requirements. For more information on the MGI series of flow meters, please visit our website or contact the Bell Flow Systems Sales Team at

Bell Flow Systems was established in 1997 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry. Bell Flow Systems have adapted and grown to meet new demands and challenges in an ever changing market place. They now build systems, manufacture display instrumentation and supply a range of products to the renewables market and the environmental market. Bell Flow Systems products and solutions can now be found across a broad spectrum of industries.

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