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Mag Flow Meters - Fishy Business

PRESS RELEASE: For Distribution March 2018

Fishy Business

The owner of an Oxfordshire fish market contacted Bell Flow Systems looking for a suitable meter to use for their daily wash down procedure.

To calculate water consumption, they had previously used a traditional mechanical turbine flow meter to measure the run-off water after the market had been hosed down at the end of the day.

However, this method did not work very well for long term application, as the turbine blades became jammed due to debris in the dirty water. Subsequently, the turbine would not spin, and as a result, the water flow was not accurately measured. This situation could often go unnoticed for long periods of time. The problem was only noticed when the meter was checked and removed from line for cleaning.

At Bell Flow Systems, we proposed a more appropriate solution using a Badger MeterM1000mag meter. A mag flow meter is full bore, with no internal moving parts and thus nothing for the debris to obstruct. This enabled it to measure the dirty water from the wash down without incident. The meter also benefits from IP67 ingress protection - so that any misdirected spray from the wash down procedure would not affect the functioning of the meter.

The M1000 benefits from having an accuracy of ±0.3%, backlit LCD display, and pulse output used for data logging as standard. The Badger Meter MID1000 is nowWRASapproved to comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Byelaws. The low cost M1000 range is available for water measurement in sizes up to DN200 with a large selection of options including: power, outputs, liner materials and electrodes.

For more information on the Badger Meter M100 and related accessories please visit our website or contact the Bell Flow Systems Sales Team

Bell Flow Systems was established in 1997 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry. Bell Flow Systems have adapted and grown to meet new demands and challenges in an ever changing market place. They now build systems, manufacture display instrumentation and supply a range of products to the renewables market and the environmental market. Bell Flow Systems products and solutions can now be found across a broad spectrum of industries.

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