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Wisdom & Wordplay - Has Oscar Wilde finally met his match?

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We would like to send you a copy of a beautiful, new, non-fiction (humour/quotations/English language) book called Wisdom & Wordplay by journalist and playwright Robert Eddison, due for release on October 25th. Referred to by Gyles Brandreth as his 'favourite living aphorist', Robert Eddison has, rather incredibly, recorded every single original thought and one-liner that has popped into his brain over the past twenty years. They're a brilliant addition to any conference/after dinner/wedding speech, but also make a hilarious and often thought-provoking read for anyone who enjoys immersing themselves in the curious nature of the English language.

Rather than keep a diary, he keeps an aphorism notebook and pen with him at all times! Three hundred aphorisms are packed into this first book in the series, cherry-picked from a treasure trove of thousands. His aphorisms have amassed a huge following on social media and supporters including the aforementioned Gyles Brandreth, 
Matthew Parris, and the former Cambridge University chair in English Literature, Professor Adrian Poole, whose college, Trinity, displayed some of Robert's aphorisms on poster boards at its first Literary Festival. The exclusive launch of Wisdom & Wordplay will be held at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London on the evening of the book's official publication - 25th October 2017. If you'd like a press pass please get in touch. Robert, who lives in West London, is available for editorial commission (or we could send you a selection of his aphorisms - just name the topic!), interview and comment. He's also a public speaker and after-dinner speaker and bookings can be made directly via his website:

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Wisdom & Wordplay

By Robert Eddison

Do we have a new Oscar Wilde?

"Oscar Wilde has always been the master Aphorist, having reigned unchallenged for 130 years. But, although not all gods reign for eternity, it never once occurred to me that this particular one could ever be dethroned - until now. Could it just be that, in the author of this remarkable book, Wilde has finally met his match?"

--Gyles Brandreth; author, broadcaster, former MP, and editor of The Oxford

Book of Humorous Quotations, who wrote the Foreword forWisdom & Wordplay

"There is nothing more relative than another's absolute truth."



Wisdom & Wordplayis packed with 300 highly original one-liners, taken from Robert Eddison'sown uniquely coined stash of thousands. They come under 150 different subjects, ranging from sex to political correctness. This book comprises a fraction of Robert's awesomeoeuvre, conjured up, since the end of the last century, on the back of innumerable envelopes and buses.

"A life well-lived is to die for."


As a widely-respected journalist, public speaker and playwright, Robert has, rather incredibly, noted down every original thought that he's had since June 1997. In his voluminous "thought diaries", he records his daily reflections, rather than his activities. This book will not provide you the slightest clue as to Robert's opinion on any given subject, since this paradox-lover's box-fresh aphorisms often contradict each other, but it will serve to hugely entertain.



It was only after Gyles Brandreth repeatedly dubbed him his "favourite living Aphorist" that Robert began to see his wise, witty and deeply thoughtful one-liners through other people's eyes since, for the previous twenty years, it had been no more than a private hobby. What further encouraged him to publish this book was the instant traction his aphorisms gained on social media, particularly on Instagram (11,000+ followers) and Twitter (32,000 and counting), where he is rapidly amassing an impressive army of loyal fans: young, old and all in between.


Robert has a whale of a time sending up, and celebrating, the quixotic nature and total illogicality of the world's number one language. The infectious delight he takes in doing this is fully shared by his legion of Internet followers and endorsers. Other admirers of Robert's work include Matthew Parris and the former Cambridge University chair in English Literature, Professor Adrian Poole, whose college, Trinity, displayed some of Robert's aphorisms on poster boards at its first Literary Festival.

"A politician's thick skin is mainly scar tissue."


Wisdom & Wordplayoffers the ideal year-round gift for all who love words and for whom English is either their first or second language. It offers a treasure house of fresh original quotes to journalists and public figures, on the lookout for new material to add a spot of sparkle to their speeches and lectures. It's also a rich source of ideas, as much for the best man at a wedding as for the conference delegate, stuck for a light-hearted way to open a speech. Remember, though, you'll need to buy three copies: one as a gift, one to pop into your travel bag and another for the loo!

"Given enough notice, anyone can appear spontaneous."


About the Author

[image]After winning a European scholarship and graduating in Modern Languages and Law at Cambridge, Robert Eddison became a university lecturer, before embarking on a lecture tour of America in his mid-twenties. After a spell as a junior Foreign Office consultant, he settled for a freelance career in journalism, writing colour features for the broadsheets and tabloids. His magisterial 1,700-word interview with the late Margaret Thatcher for the London Times, while still training on local papers, not only opened all doors to Fleet Street, but also oiled the hinges. Robert swims, writes and breathes in central London and, when not writing, can be found deep in conversation with friends over a good dinner.


Title:Wisdom & Wordplay

Author:Robert Eddison

Genre:Reference, English Language, Humour, Quotations, Non-Fiction

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:25/10/17

Availability:Paperback, International distribution


Price: £8.99 paperback

£9.99 hard back (Author's Limited Edition)


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