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Yorkshire farm machinery importer plans more demonstration days

Yorkshire farm machinery importer plans more demonstration days


An East Yorkshire farm machinery importer demonstrated its wide range of machinery and precision farming equipment to over 100 people at its recent demonstration days and has set a date to repeat the event next year.

Andrew Manfield and his team at Manterra Ltd conducted working demonstrations ofTrimble precision farming systems, Unia machinery andthe Baertschi OekoSem IV ROTOR-Strip-Till System that has been used for an oil seed rape trial that attracted much interest.

Andrew Manfield said: "We were encouraged by the level of interest shown in the demonstration days. We were blessed with good weather and it was a great opportunity to show machinery working in the field and to be able to talk to people at length.

"It is only through seeing machinery and technology in action from the tractor cab that growers can understand fully how modern equipment can deliver profit for them. This is particularly the case with precision farming equipment which offers a whole host of benefits that many growers are missing out on."


"There was also much interest in the oil seed rape trial this is designed to prove our thinking that the combination of strip-till cultivation with a cover crop to fix nitrogen into the soil and the precision application of band fertilisers and pre-emergence herbicide can reap economic and environmental rewards."


The field scale trial is researching the production efficiency and environmental outcomes of intercropping a nine hectare plot of oil seed rape with white clover, using the revolutionary Baertschi OekoSem IV ROTOR-Strip-Till System to cultivate of strips of land, as opposed to the whole field.


The three in one tillage, sowing and fertiliser system deep loosens the soil and facilitates a one pass establishment of the oil seed rape straight into stubble.White clover was established in strips on the stubble between the oil seed rape crop before rolling the whole field. Andrew Manfield will use time lapse photography and drone imagery to chart its progress.


Manfield added: "The cultivation of strips minimises damage to soil structure, whilst the use of a cover crop to put organic matter back into the soil benefits biodiversity as it reduces the amount of bare soil. The use of our Trimble precision farming technology with band spraying techniques reduces residual herbicide and helps to lower production costs."


Throughout the three days, there was a free prize draw to win a Kellfri Back Pack leaf blower worth £220. It was won by Sherriff Hutton farmer, Mr Mook.

The 2018 Manterra demonstration days will take place on 22, 23, 24 May.

Manterra is the key technology supplier to the Stockbridge Technology Centre's Tru-Nject project that has secured Innovate UK funding for a three year trial to commercialise innovative soil nutrient mapping technology that has the potential to revolutionise farming practices.


Photo: Mr Mook, right, receives his Kellfri Leaf Blower from Andrew Manfield


For more information or to arrange an interview with Andrew Manfield, please contact Tracey Baty at three60 marketing on;


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