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Brochure presents market-leading instrumentation





Brochure presents market-leading instrumentation for environmental measurements, monitoring and analysis




Labcell is offering a brochure for the extensive Decagon Devices range of market-leading sensors and systems for environmental measurements, monitoring and analysis. The fully illustrated A4 guide is packed with detailed data to help users identify the optimum products for any given application. Decagon Devices instrumentation has a reputation for being high-quality yet cost-effective.

At the front there are new and recently introduced instruments. These include a dual-head infiltrometer, sonic anemometer, the TrueDry CV9 multi-sample moisture content analyser, an infrared thermometer and sensors for measuring soil moisture, water potential, soil temperature and vegetation indices.

A useful table illustrates the full range of soil moisture sensors so customers can select the models with the measurement range, accuracy and other features necessary for their applications. This table also highlights the benefits of each sensor. Further pages in the brochure present information relating to canopy sensors, environmental sensors, hydrology sensors, the WP4C water potential analyser and the VSA (Vapor Sorption Analyzer).

For users interested in modelling, measuring and analysing heat movement, the KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Analyzer connects to four interchangeable sensors that measure thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat (heat capacity). Furthermore, the KD2 Pro benefits from onboard data storage and a facility for downloading data.

Almost any of the sensors shown in the brochure can be used in conjunction with the data loggers that are also included. These range from the simple, low-cost Em5b five-channel analogue mini-logger to the highly sophisticated Em50G automatic logger that connects wirelessly to the Decagon data server for storing large volumes of data, which is ideal for large and small-scale studies where remote access to data by one or more individuals is advantageous. The brochure also shows the DataTrac 3 software for organising, storing and visualising data, and the ProCheck handheld device for making measurements at any location and for checking the quality of each sensor's installation.

Labcell can supply all of the products on short lead times and in most cases demonstration units are available. In addition, Labcell provides pre- and post-sales service and support from its base in Hampshire. Copies of the brochure are available free of charge by telephoning +44 (0)1420 568150, emailingmail@labcell.comor go




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