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Family ties that bind a Yorkshire oil company

Family ties that bind a Yorkshire oil company

A Thixendale culinary oil business will be going back to its roots when the owner's father takes on a permanent position with the company he helped to launch nine years ago.


Joining Adam Palmer, director of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, and his team, Ben Palmer shall take on full-time employment with the company now that he has retired from his job as a tanker captain with one of the major oil and gas companies.


After spending 43 years at sea, Ben will be keeping his feet firmly on the ground in the role that will see him work with the production team and attend farmer's markets.


Adam, who has run Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with his wife Jennie and a team of family and friends since its beginnings eight years ago, will continue to oversee production and work the 134-hectare arable land onNorth Breckenholme Farm.

Jennie explained that the company was born from the family ties that make it what it is today.


"We've always kept the running of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil very close to our hearts, and now that Ben has joined us full-time, it means he can get even more involved with what is truly a family business.


"In the early days, we had grandparents, godparents, parents, including Ben, aunties and uncles helping out. Ben is very much a part of our brand. He is a fantastic brand ambassador and he loves representing us at farmers' markets."


Adam and Ben, along with Paul Scothern, set up the Breckenholme Trading Company (BTC) in 2008 as a rapeseed oil company. BTC's culinary oils are marketed through Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil and new business, Charlie and Ivy's.


Rapeseed oil production is also proving to be a draw for Adam and Jennie's six-year-old son Charlie as he has shown a keen interest in the manufacturing process, Jennie added.


"Charlie could probably give you a lesson in the making of rapeseed oil," she said. "I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to be involved with it somehow in the future."


Grandfather Ben is now able to fully dedicate his time to helping his son continue to build up the business.


"For me, Adam is very much at the helm, so this is a way to keep up-to-date with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with the added bonus of working with my family.


"Sometimes when there are the three of us: Adam, Charlie and I - that's three generations - working together it makes you realise the strength of our family business."


Last summer, the company expanded its production capacity with the addition of a third press.


Their range, built upon its award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil base, has expanded into deli oils, dressings and mayonnaises. All products are available fromfarm shops, delis, farmers' markets, independent retailers and through the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil website.



Photo: Ben Palmer 


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  1. For more information about Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, please You can also keep up with the latest news and updates from the business onTwitter,Facebook,Pinterestand on theirblog.

  2. Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil was established in 2008 when Adam and Jennie Palmer began cold-pressing their own oil seed rape and taking it to farmers' markets. They call North Breckenholme Farm their home, situated on the edge of Yorkshire Wolds and on the outskirts of the North Yorkshire village Thixendale, close to Malton.

  3. The cold-pressed oil is extracted using a natural and chemical-free method, and is extra virgin as it is put through the presser just once. This means it retains all its taste, colour and health benefits, with a balance of omega 3, 6 and 9.

  4. To see a list of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil stockists,