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Luxury Home Rentals over Five-Star Resorts, TBHC comments on the current global phenomena
 Luxury Home Rentals over Five-Star Resorts, TBHC comments on the current global phenomena


Worldwide, the luxury rental home market is surging, particularly across the UK and America, where VIP’s and celebrities are opting to rent luxury private homes rather than high end hotel suites and resorts.


With a number of events recently occurring in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun, including the Superbowl and the Phoenix Waste Management Open, one of the most celebrated in the golfing community, the popularity of luxury private accommodation seems to be outperforming previous demand. The move away from traditional resorts has been noticeable as more and more high-profile visitors, not just to Phoenix but major destinations across the world, opt for privately owned luxurious accommodation over the traditional resort.


One defining factor in this is quite possibly exclusivity and seclusion, away from prying eyes and the invasive lenses of the paparazzi and the ability to relax and enjoy time spent just amongst family and friends whilst visiting locations. Renting luxury homes offers a level of privacy that resorts may not present. Although the Valley has been very popular in the last fortnight, the same effect has been seen on a grander scale with the rich and famous choosing to hire private luxury homes for short breaks and holidays instead of holiday resorts.


The UK has a vast history of such amazing properties, spread out across all four corners of its green and pleasant land. One company in particular, who specialise in renting out luxury homes to a diverse array of clients, is The Beautiful House Company. Regularly responding to news and reports from within their industry, this expert company understands the value and benefits to private renting over high level resort sharing. A company spokesperson believes that the trend will continue to improve:


“With renting private homes, our clients get exactly what they seek: anonymity, seclusion from crowds but with all the creature comforts of home. Those who approach us want to be pampered but don’t want to deal with any invasion of their privacy.”


Presenting a superb array of properties, from colonial mansions to magical castles set in acres of woodland, cascading gardens and features a plenty, and available for family holidays, weekend breaks, corporate occasions, filming locations, parties and celebrations and much more, The Beautiful House Company has the portfolio to suit all tastes.


Well-established and hugely renowned for their stunning selections of luxurious properties to rent, The Beautiful House Company brings a new meaning to palatial living experiences. Offering a comprehensive service designed to present you with the perfect choice when looking for that dream getaway, visit the website at now or call the experts on 01242 263649.