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BLANCO's smooth ZIA sink portfolio



6 November 2018 

BLANCO's smooth ZIA sink portfolio

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Pictured is the ZIA 45 S sink from BLANCO.

TheZIAsink range from BLANCO UK combines beauty and practicality. The modern design of the SILGRANIT® PuraDur® sink includes a deep spacious bowl, for reversible installation, and a draining board which is surrounded by an indented tap ledge to widen the draining area.

All sink models are suitable for modern kitchens with some featuring specialist designs to suit the user's requirements. TheZIA 45 S, for example, has a separate drain to the one in the sink bowl whilst theZIA 6 Sincludes a small bowl alongside the main bowl to create a double bowled sink.

TheZIA 9 Eis perfectly suited for installation in corner units due to its unique shape; it comprises a smaller draining board compared to the other models in the ZIA portfolio, yet it also includes a small surface for food preparation.

Available in a range of colours, including White, Pearl Grey, Coffee, Alu Metallic, Tartufo, Nutmeg, Champagne, Rock Grey, Jasmine, and Anthracite, BLANCO's ZIA sink also comes in the following models:ZIA 5 S, ZIA XL 6 S, andZIA XL 6 S Compact.

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