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Acti-Labs has the solution when skin battles the elements this Winter

Acti-Labs has the solution when skin battles the elementsthis Winter

Ethically and environmentally conscious cosmetics producer Acti-Labs has the solution to keeping skin soft radiant, even through the coldest Winter.

Ashleigh Bray, product advisor and sales manager of Acti-Labs, recommendsBack-to-Basics Body ScrubRRP (£10.00) andCollagen & Kelp Body Fondant(RRP £29.50) to keep skin glowing with health all Winter long. She explains that "In the winter our skin can be drier than ever; you can thank blistering winds and central heating for that. Then add in all the extra layers of clothing, trapping in dead skin and bacteria. This can clog pores, leaving your skin looking dull and irritable.'

Ashleigh continues "I would recommend using Back-to-Basics Body Scrub over your entire body whilst in the shower. Use circular massaging motions and rinse, then pat your skin dry and take a splurge of Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant. Again, this can be used over the entire body and should be applied in circular massaging motions."

Back-to-Basics Body Scrub

Acti-Labs' Back-to-Basics Body Scrub is a botanical-infused scrub which rejuvenates and revitalises the entire body.

The body scrub promotes softer, healthier skin by providing antioxidants and exfoliating. Body scrubs work to gently massage and clear skin from dead cells, dirt, and oil that collects on the body. The skin lets go of this build up when exfoliating granules in the scrub are massaged into the skin's surface. Added to this, the massage itself helps improve circulation and increases blood flow to the skin's surface, making the skin look and feel amazing. Back to Basics Body Scrub contains four essential ingredients that make it stand out among other body scrubs: sea salt, seaweed extract, argan oil and aloe. 

Sea Salt is known to nourish the skin with vitamins, draw out toxins, and also adds to the grainy texture of the scrub that helps to exfoliate and increase blood flow. Seaweed Extract provides essential vitamins for skin health and can decrease skin sensitivity by soothing dry areas. Argan Oil is a powerful moisturiser and healing agent for dry, damaged, or recovering skin whilst Aloe is used as a hydrator and adds a protective layer which is great for sensitive skin.

Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant

Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant is a luxurious infused fondant whip that helps to shield the skin on the coldest of Winter days. Using this fondant gives a luxurious spa experience and, because it contains pure levels of collagen it gives a progressive lifting and firming effect that is known to be anti-ageing. Rich in Sea Kelp, which contains elements that easily penetrate the skin to help to remove toxins, it soothes and hydrates the skin; the perfect protection for harsher weather giving skin a healthy glow. 

Known for their high concentration of botanicals, nature is preserved as their core philosophy as the foundation for the brand.

The Acti-Labs products are not tested on animals and they do not use ingredients that are. They do not support animal cruelty.

More information about Acti-Lab's amazing cosmetics, skincare, hair care and nutrition products can be found at


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Back-to-Basics Body ScrubRRP £10.00
Collagen & Kelp Body FondantRRP £29.50

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