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The BLANCO ARCHPRO for the expert look






13 September 2018


The BLANCO ARCHPRO for the expert look


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The BLANCO ARCHPRO series of taps demonstrates the expert design from BLANCO UK. The semi-professional mixer tap has a twin lever to regulate the temperature of the water flow to suit the user's requirements.

The flexible spout is coiled to protect the hose and can easily be removed from the holder. Each ARCHPRO tap is fitted with a durable ceramic disc which guarantees the water flow turns off the instant the user moves the lever to the off position.

The ARCHPRO range from BLANCO UK includes the BLANCOARCHPRO-B,available in Black/Chrome, the BLANCOARCHPRO-C, available in chrome and the BLANCOARCHPRO-Swhich is also available in chrome.

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