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Beverley skincare specialist launches second product in signature range

Beverley skincare specialist launches second product in signature range


An East Yorkshire skincare expert has launched a specialist eye and lip serum based on her own research into skin feel.


‘9'is an anti-ageing serum for tired, dehydrated eyes and lipsthat is inspired byBeverley based Dr Katerina Steventon's20 years' scientific research and professional expertise and refined by her latestskin-feel research.


Presented at the 6th Anti-Ageing Skincare Conference in London, Dr Steventon's researchfocuses on the role that skincare plays in physical and emotional wellbeing and hownatural touch-based therapyis beneficial to both skin and brain.


Suitable for all skin types, ‘9' is alight satin-feel oil-based serum for the delicate eye and lip area. It is formulated from a unique blend offour modified plant oils and high levels of fivescientifically substantiatedactive ingredientsthat are proven toreduce puffiness, re-hydrate and firm the eye and lip area.

The four plant-based oils arecoconut, olive, kahai and echiumand the five active ingredients are marine micro-algae (Cylindrotheca fusiformis)to smooth out the appearance of lines;geranylgeranone to promote cell longevity; liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) to brighten, even the skin tone and to induce radiance;Aloe Leaf to gently hydrate, soothe and reduce puffinessand Poppyto firm the delicate areas around the eyes and lips.

Of the launch, Dr Steventon said: "Every single ingredient in 9 serves a unique purpose. Looking at skin from a medical angle, understanding that each ingredient needs to be delivered to the cells in order to work, and knowing what it does, is crucial when it comes to understanding how to care for the skin on your face. Because I stand alone in combining scientific knowledge with hands-on therapy, I am able to offer an evidence-based approach to skin care and have used this expertise to create ‘9' Radiance Eye and Lip Serum.

"'9' is a unique, hybrid formulation that combines traditional plant based healing with 21st century clinically proven active ingredients to help repair and prevent signs of ageing. The four natural plant oils have been specifically selected to increase the penetration of the five active ingredients deep into the skin to promote a youthful appearance.


"Applying ‘9' with the specific targeted facial massage techniques that I have developed delivers advanced benefits and I am delighted with customer feedback that includes‘I love the lip massage, it instantly makes the lips feel full and pouty' and ‘I loved the lightness of the serum. It felt like applying drops of essence, incredibly hydrating and effective'."

Dr Steventon suggests that ‘9' is used as a morning eye and lip serum and an evening massage oil following the charts provided with it. The eye and lip serum costs £65 and is presented in a 30ml dropper bottle for ease of use. It is available online at, or direct from Dr Steventon's Beverley clinic.

Dr Steventon concluded: "There is growing evidence that regular massage enhances the effect of anti-ageing actives and we werethe first to actively pursue this concept in anti-ageing with the launch of my signature serum, ‘4' that was shortlisted in the Pure Beauty awards. We have built on this concept by developing ‘9' for eyes and lips, together with a massage routine that improves the efficacy of the active ingredients."


In addition to being a published author and respected speaker, Dr Steventon runs the independent skincare consultancy, FaceWorkshops. Dr. Steventon uses her PhD in skin science combined with her professional facial therapy training to provide clients with a bespoke package of scientifically validated products combined with facial therapies in her Beverley clinic.


Before establishing FaceWorkshops in 2009, Dr. Steventon's experience spanned several years and continents - from prestigious skincare brand, La Prairie in her native Czech Republic to Shiseido in Japan and Smith and Nephew wound healing in Hull.




Photo:9 Radiance Eye and Lip Serum 9 serum by Dr Katerina Steventon


For more information or to arrange an interview with Dr. Katerina Steventon from FaceWorkshops, please contact Tracey Baty at three60 marketing on:


Direct line:01430 871360

Mobile:07971 961574



Notes to editors

  1. For more information about Dr Katerina Steventon and FaceWorkshops, please visit, and her Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  2. More information about the oils

Coconut oilcaprylic/capric triglyceride is considered an excellent emollient and regenerating light oil. Its mix of fatty acids can be used by skin to replenish its surface and resist moisture loss.

Olive oilThe unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil is used topically for the treatment of dry, aging and sensitive skin through an increase of the hydratation of the stratum corneum.

Kahai™ oilis a natural fast absorbing with dry effect, suitable for all skin types.Its frequent use improves hydration, firmness and elasticity of the skin. It enhances its natural renewal cycle, revitalizing it, restoring its radiance, smoothness and reducing wrinkles.

Echium oil (RevitElix™) is a plant derived, rich source of omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. The active has been proven to regenerate skin by increasing production of structural proteins [pro-collagen-1, fibrillin and decorin] and improving skin structure by reducing wrinkles and surface roughness. Boosting skin protection, RevitElix™ has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe UVB induced damage. 

  1. More information about the active ingredients

The Anti-Wrinkle Effect 

Marine micro-algae Cylindrotheca Fusiformis, sourced from the French Riviera, has a powerful anti-wrinkle effect and stimulates cellular proliferation in the dermis and production of structural proteins by fibroblasts. Clinically, it has been proven to visibly decrease wrinkle depth and volume and dramatically improve elasticity, hydration and softness of the skin. For more information about the effects of Cylindrotheca Fusiformis, please follow this link.

Prolonging Cell Longevity

Renovage™, geranylgeranone, is a high-tech ingredient that provides anti-ageing and protective effects against stress related damage by maintaining cell division [telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance], improving tissue quality [by optimal cell communication and rebalancing cell metabolism]. Efficacy studies show visible and dramatic improvement in expression lines and sagging, skin pigmentation and dilated pores. For more information about the effects of Renovage™,please follow this link.

Anti-Sagging Effect

We predict that the Traditional Chinese Medicine plant Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) will be the latest ‘must have' active ingredient to fight sagging skin, as shown in early Japanese research. Liquorice also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for hyper-pigmented, sensitive skin and skin conditions [eczema and rosacea]. For more information about the effects of Liquorice, please follow this link.

Skin conditioning agent

Oil soluble extract of aloe vera may be used for skin dryness and moisturization after exposure to sun and challenging environment.

It is an emollient and skin conditioning agent with barrier repair and anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, softening and soothing delicate skin.

Skin firming agent

RonaCare® Poppy Seed SE harnesses the full power of natural poppy seed, which stands out due to its optimum active ingredient composition. 

It inhibits lipogenesis, i.e. the build-up of fat in the connective tissue of the skin (demonstrated in vitro) and simultaneously activates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat), by enhancing the release of free fatty acids (demonstrated ex vivo)

The effect is that skin looks firmer and more even.

  1. For almost two decades Dr Steventon has practiced facial therapy, researched, written and consulted in skincare. Following her PhD in transdermal absorption at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, in her native Czech Republic, she worked in renowned clinics La Prairie in Zurich, Switzerland, andShiseidoin Ofuna, Japan. Her work is unique in the respect that she stands alone in combining science and consultancy with hands-on therapy as a facialist. Dr Steventon is a regular writer for cosmetic technology magazines Cosmetic & ToiletriesandSoap, Perfumery and Cosmetics.
  2. Dr. Steventon is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists; the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology; theBritish Dermatological Nursing Groupand theInternational Society for Stratum Corneum Research. She is also the founder of LinkedIn group Innovative Ideas & Insights in Facial Skincare