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Top tips from the experts in bathrooms

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6 August 2018

Top tips from the experts in bathrooms

"Leaks around baths and showers have dogged the building industry for as long as I can remember. Worse is the fact that many tradesmen called in to remedy the problem simply repeat the same mistakes. This video explains what the problem is and how to cure it once and for all usingNo More Leaks from Abacus."



Combine the face of all things building, Roger Bisby (, and the technical and design prowess of Abacus Bathrooms in all things bathrooms, and you have recipe for the best advice in the industry.  

Abacus Bathrooms' website ( now houses a range of handy "how to" videos on a new YouTube channel (YouTube channel) which is specifically designed for the designers and installers of beautiful, everlasting bathrooms.

One example is the launch of a clever new product, the No More Leaks shower and bath sealing kit. This kit ensures that shower trays and baths are fully waterproof by forming a protective seal along the edges. Roger shows how easy this product is to install and talks through some top tips on shower tray installation using the kit - watch videohere.

For further information, to view the full range of Abacus Bathrooms videos, please visit theYouTube channel.                                                        


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