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ETZ Helps Recruitment Entrepreneurs to Cut Costs With New Back-Office Software

For immediate release: 10th July 2018


ETZ Payments Helps Recruitment Entrepreneurs to Cut Costs With New Back-Office Software for Start-Ups


‘Startup 20/20’ technology will enable growing recruitment agencies to reduce back-office costs by up to 85%


LONDON, UK - Back-office software expert, ETZ Payments, is helping recruitment entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, by launching a start-up version of its market-leading enterprise recruitment back-office software.


Startup 20/20’ is based on ETZ Payments’ successful back-office technology for large agencies, offering small businesses in the recruitment sector the same time-saving and money-saving features at a fraction of the cost.


The new software will enable start-up recruitment agencies to focus on winning clients rather than administrative jobs, by fully automating day-to-day back-office tasks such as submitting and verifying candidate timesheets, chasing invoices, and settling payments.


ETZ’s software has already been proven to reduce back-office costs by up to 85% among enterprise recruitment companies. Startup 20/20 can offer that same opportunity to smaller businesses, along with further benefits including:


·             Less time spent on essential tasks; Startup 20/20 can input a timesheet and create an invoice in less than 60 seconds

·             Improved cash flow, with quicker payment for both agencies and workers

·             Elimination of common errors that can prevent timesheets being submitted

·             Real-time reporting for complete business confidence

Nick Woodward, CEO at ETZ Payments, says: “If you’ve ever daydreamed about starting your own recruitment agency, Startup 20/20 can make turning that dream into a reality easier than ever.


“By taking the time out of timesheets and the pain out of payment, we can help fledgling recruitment agencies to focus on winning new business, rather than being bogged down by lengthy - but essential - administrative tasks.


“We developed this software specifically with small businesses in mind, which is why Startup 20/20 is cloud-based, with no lock-in contracts or hidden costs. And with packages starting from £20/month, it is affordable to even the smallest start-ups.”


Startup 20/20 is the first in an exciting range of products and services that ETZ is developing for newcomers to the recruitment market. For more information, visit




For further information on ETZ Payments and Startup 20/20, please contact:


Alex Cohen, Marketing Manager


About ETZ Payments


Since 2000, ETZ has made recruitment back-office management easy, by taking all the different stages of paper-based timesheet processing and eradicating the opportunity for error, delay and duplication of work.


In just 60 seconds, ETZ can condense a business process that would usually take days to complete, and many man-hours to operate. Our software cuts out the middleman – you! – by providing a reliable, pay per head service bearing your branding, which adjusts to the fluctuating volume of your business and integrates flawlessly with your existing software.


Hundreds of recruitment agencies worldwide can testify to the value of ETZ’s software, which has been proven to reduce back-office costs by up to 85%.


Visit to find out more.