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Double whammy for most innovative cookbook in the world - Knit & Nibble

Press Release

6thJuly 2018


Double whammy for "most innovative cookbook in the world"

Knit and Nibble


Knit and Nibble- winner of the Most Innovative Cookbook in the World at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards has done it again. This time being successfully crowdfunded on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter by 105%. More than 100 backers pledged an average of over £200 each, makingKnit and Nibblethe second most crowdfunded project in the UK on Kickstarter for knitting.

James McIntosh, author says: "After having suffered a depressive episode, knitting has added colour back into my life, and to win such a prestigious award as the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, and then raise such a large sum through Kickstarter to publish the book, is a blessing. It proves that in the growing markets of knitting and mindfulness there is demand in the market for true innovation."

Dr Thomas A. Ernst, co-author says: "The success of this Kickstarter campaign mirrors the huge demand for mindful activities in our societies at this present moment."

High-res images and interviews with the authors are available upon request.




Most Innovative Cookbook in the World

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2018


"The title of this book could be: ‘Happy, Knit and Nibble'.It brought happiness back to its author, and it will give you weeks or even months of happiness. How many books can do that?"--Edouard Cointreau

President,Gourmand World Cookbook Awards


About the Authors


James McIntosh -Award-winning cookery author who found life in bright colours through ‘Knititation' as part of his treatment for depression. 

Anders Beier -Owner of the title of Gourmand ‘Best Food Photographer in the World' for two years running.

Dr Thomas A. Ernst -Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a Senior Consultant in a large London teaching hospital. He offers Mindfulness to complement traditional treatment approaches in his outpatient clinics.

--Sirdar -One of the UK's most trusted knitting pattern design houses and yarn distributors.--


About the book

A new, fresh and exciting way of aiding men's wellbeing using a combination of knitting as a mindfulness practice and cooking.

32 contemporary men's knitting patterns (designed by James McIntosh and the Sirdar Design House), together with 35 sweet treats to nibble mindfully. All complemented by mind-calming yarn games.

The book begins withknititation: a mindfulness practice developed by Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP.

Knitting patterns are written in easy to follow recipe style format for both the beginner and experienced knitter.

Colour in life: clothes, food and mind.


Knit and Nibble:life's patterns, recipes and games

Author:James McIntosh

Introduction:Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP

Photography: Anders Beier

Format:Hardback, 256 pages, full colour 250 x 210mm 1.2kg (approx)

Categories:Knitting; knitting and wellbeing; crafts; cooking; men's interest; mindfulness and health


Published by:McIntosh Publishing

Publication:September 2018

Price:£24.99 / €26.99


McIntosh Publishing

42 Denman Road, London, SE15 5NR