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Stewart Garden’s Varese Low Bowl Planter offers nature’s personal touch
 Stewart Garden’s Varese Low Bowl Planter offers nature’s personal touch 

When it comes to enjoying elegant and stylised plant life at home, Stewart Garden’s Low Bowl Planter enjoys taking its place as a natural centre piece. It’s a feature packed with possibility.

And that’s because you’ll find lots of people looking for new ways this year to show off those stunning little succulent, agave and alpine plants.

At £31.99 (RRP), the 60cm Low Bowl Planter forms the latest addition to Stewart Gardens’ Varese range. It’s ideal for those who love to create character through textures, colour and simplicity.

The Varese planters and bowls are made of high-grade plastic. They’re lightweight, frost-proof and durable. But the Low Bowl Planter’s most valuable design feature, is its adaptability.

Low bowls continue to be one of the biggest horticultural trends. In its Alpine Grey and Dark Brown colours, the Varese Low Bowl Planter is a true patio-pleaser; its textured pattern creates an authentic, natural appearance usually reserved for real stone or pottery.

Then it’s all about what you plant. Alan Slack, Marketing Manager at Stewart Garden, sees the latest Varese product as a home for intricate, yet impactful plants.

“If you’re thinking about using the Low Bowl Planter indoors,” says Alan, “with temperatures between 15 and 25c, then African violets (Saintpaulia), in several colours, could look outstanding.

“And you may consider planting something like the White Willd Orchid (Phalaennopsis).  It looks like it has just been taken from nature. I think you could show off its wild shoots and unevenly-shaped small flowers for a truly back-to-nature feel in this sophisticated feature.”

What the Low Bowl Planter wants you to do is symbolise — in a miniature way — all the drama and vitality of immersive environments, like a tropical forest or alpine mountainside. You can create the ideal conditions to do that, both indoors and out. It’s easy to move, and the drainage holes make watering simple.

Adding a big character to your conservatory, decking or garden this year has become popular with the growth of humble, yet attractive, low-level planting. The Varese range is perfect for bridging nature’s ever-changing tones with the consistent quality of design and architecture.

Stewart Garden is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and is a proud British manufacturer. The company has worked to develop a distinctive high-quality range of products while following lean manufacturing principles and following relevant standards to minimise their environmental impact.

Keter is the parent company of Stewart Garden. As part of the wider Keter family, Stewart Company is able to benefit from Keter’s resources and technical expertise and is growing its share of the garden market in the UK.

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