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Life-like chocolate fossils are in demand this Father's Day

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Sarah Hardy

The Edible Museum

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Life-like chocolate fossils are in demand this Father's Day …

Surprise Dad with a chocolate fossil hunt and hope he gets the joke!



These realistic fossils are more than just a gift, they are an excuse for him to play and learn with the children too


Give Dad an excuse to go hunting with the kids this Father's Day. Create your own chocolate fossil hunt and Dad-osaurus-Rex. The children will love hunting down these cretaceous confectionsandthey'll learn about fossils on the way. The chocolates come with notes about each fossil and the box can be personalised with dad's name.

He won't believe he can eat them at first but these are crafted from quality chocolate, modelled fromrealfossils and approved of by palaeontologists. So once he has been convinced they aren't real you can get to biting into those sharks teeth!

With the Jurassic World film being released so close to Father's Day the huge T Rex Tooth replica is getting popular in store so be quick before they go extinct! Universal Films have even enquired about getting them in for the launch.

According to surveys, 9 out of 10 people love chocolate - (there was no such data available for socks or grooming kits at the time of writing).


Sarah is a classically trained sculptor who turned her skills to food and was soon in hot demand with PR agencies for her lifelike cake creations. With clients like Hello Kitty, The Odeon & Hamleys, she was making show-stopping food art such as an edible Severed Head that oozed fruit blood and shocked guests on The Jonathan Ross Show. Also an Alien face Hugger from pâté and pretzels for SEGA Games.

After a life-changing move from London to the Essex countryside she decided to create a prêt-à-porter range of food-art available to all.

The Edible Museum - "an online store providing unique chocolate gifts for interesting people", was born.

The store inspires avid fans, one of whom even used her chocolate human heart to propose with on Valentine's Day.

Sarah is currently working alongside The Wildlife Trust London to create her Stag Beetle chocolate in conjunction with their annual stag-watch campaign. She is also designing chocolate brains for neuroscientists.



For further information contact:

Sarah Hardy

07801 946505


Notes to editors:

Founded by Sarah Hardy, The Edible Museum was launched with a successful crowdfunding campaign and a grant from the European Union (‘Leader Fund') in 2016. Their chocolate art works are now stocked in museum shops and have been commissioned by big brands such as Universal Films, Fanta & Uber for launches and events.

Each chocolate is crafted in the Essex countryside from a high quality Belgian chocolate and hand painted with cocoa butter pigments to make them look aged. And according to customers the caramel flavour of the milk chocolate is "to die for."

From gory Human Hearts to slimy Toads the edible artworks are jaw-droppingly realistic "The shocking realism is half the joy of them" says Sarah "people often keep them to show to friends rather than eating them straight away - I then get a mail much later telling me how they taste gorgeous too"

She was working creating edible stunts for big clients when the idea for the online shop came. "After making a chocolate torso for Mick Jagger's daughter Jade on her birthday, I suddenly realised that my edible art works could be used to celebrate every day life as well as big PR stunts."

With options from £15 (which fits through a letterbox for easy postal gifting), all the way to luxury options at £80 you can treat or splurge Dad this year.

Available online at to ship worldwide.

Father's Day is June 16th.  Jurrassic World is released on June 22nd.

Sarah Hardy's edible fossil range are available here with other edible object of wonder.




Some Edible Museum's current chocolate products:

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