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ELE launches new geotechnical testing software




ELE launches new geotechnical testing software

ELE International has launched a new version of its dedicated software for soils testing to BS, ASTM and AASTHO standards. Designed specifically for geotechnical laboratories, the new DS 7.3 software contains a range of advanced features including compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10, Office 2016 and 365.

Providing the ability to automate data logging, analysis and reporting, DS 7.3 improves the quality and productivity of soil tests such as Triaxial, Permeability, Consolidation, Direct/Residual Shear and CBR.

ELE's Adeel Hassan says: "The DataSystem software has been the workhorse of soils testing laboratories around the world for many years, and the new DS 7.3 version offers customers the opportunity to improve lab efficiency, eliminate operator error and free staff for other tasks.

"Typical users of this geotechnical software include commercial testing laboratories, contractors, consultants and government bodies. In addition, it is also ideal for Universities and Colleges, providing students with experience in the latest technology in soils testing."

In conjunction with ELE's DSU Electronic Data Acquisition Unit or the GDU, the DS 7.3 software enables accurate and repeatable tests by providing step-by-step instructions and by preventing potential errors from manual readings. With Ethernet communications the software is simple to run and provides 24-hour unsupervised logging. Reports are generated automatically in accordance with the chosen Standard and real-time graphical outputs can be viewed on-screen and/or printed.

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Notes to editors:

ELE International specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation.  The company's products are backed by global customer service, with comprehensive technical and applications support.

ELE International was founded in 1961 to supply testing equipment to the Construction Materials Industry. The Environmental Division, specialising in international projects, was created in 1983.

Product sales, service and advice is available from strategically located offices in the UK and USA, supported by regional offices with ELE associates located in People's Republic of China, the Middle East and Singapore.

As part of the multi-national Danaher Corporation, ELE has the resources, skills and knowledge to provide a high level of support for customers, to ensure accurate, reliable and consistent sample testing.

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