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Quanta Selects SMART-TRIAL for Renal Care Clinical and Operational Data Trials

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Aalborg, Denmark, 15th May2018

Quanta Selects SMART-TRIAL Cloud for Renal Care Clinical and Operational Data Trials

Medical software innovatorMEDEI ApStoday announces that medical device manufacturerQuantahas selected its SMART-TRIAL platform for the collection and management of all clinical trial data.

"SMART-TRIAL is disruptive cloud technology and helps Quanta's clinical trial teams to work faster and significantly reduce the costs of generating and managing clinical and operational data," says James Grainger, Quanta's Clinical Study Manager. "From our perspective, it is transforming our extended data ecosystem."

Quanta is improving the lives of dialysis patients by providing advanced haemodialysis solutions for use in both the clinic and home. Quanta's flagship product SC+ is designed to give dialysis patients greater flexibility, convenience and control over the delivery of their life-sustaining renal replacement therapy.

Quanta is using SMART-TRIAL tocollect SC+ data from healthcare professionals and patients. SC+ is a unique small, simple and powerful haemodialysis system that supports patients across the continuum of care, from the clinic to the home. SC+ provides clinical efficacy and high flow rates compatible with traditional treatment regimens used in-centre. The innovative and patented technology behind SC+ is based on a design breakthrough that allows all dialysate fluid management to be conducted on a small, lightweight, disposable cartridge. The small form factor and simple-to-use design are intended to enable a broader range of users across a wide range of settings.

The medical firm also uses the SMART-TRIAL cloud to collect SC+ data from patient's online devices. By bringing all data together in one intelligent platform, Quanta slashes the time and costs involved in comparing clinical data with operational data.

"Quanta's clinical and operational-wide use of SMART-TRIAL is another example of how MEDEI is bringing data collection and management innovation to the medical world," addsPáll Jóhannesson, MEDEI's CEO.


Medai ApS is a Danish medical software innovator delivering industry-leading solutions to facilitate data management and the R&D of medical devices. Its flagship platform SMART-TRIAL helps medical device manufacturers to better illustrate the quality and safety of their products and eliminates chaos in the collection and management of clinical data. Visit


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