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Organic beauty brand attracting male fans in the run-up to Father's Day.




Olga Rumble

The Rose Tree

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The Rose Tree is noticing a growing trend for Dads to swipe their wives' beauty products as demand for organic grooming products grow.

 The multiple award-winning brand offers its luxury organic skincare, body, bath and shower oils, and its natural wax aromatherapy candles to stressed out women but has noticed a growing trend from their predominantly female customer base with husbands and partners swiping their organic favourites.

 Rose Tree founder Olga said: 

"I set The Rose Tree up to cater to real women with a focus on ingredients that make a difference. I like organic; I like my skincare ingredients to not have been fiddled with too much. And I prefer them without pesticides.  

I am increasingly seeing my female customers complaining that they have lost their favourite organic bath oil or moisturiser to their partners.  One customer reported that she came home to find her husband had decanted copious quantities of her favourite De-Stress Bath Oil into the bath and was snoozing contentedly in the scented waters with Pink Floyd blaring at high volume. 

We are seeing that most of our male customers find the brand through their wife or girlfriend and are simply looking for the best product irrespective of whether it is male specific or not."

Rose Tree founder Olga added: 

Our aromatherapy blended organic oils are built around therapeutic properties that apply just as much to men as women.  Our De-Stress Bath & Shower Oil is a blend of stress relieving geranium, calming juniper, and revitalising grapefruit essential oils, and with Father's Day around the corners makes for a perfect gift.

The Rose Tree is built upon the triple pillars of green credentials, craftsmanship and quality, which has universal appeal. It used to be all about women, but British men now want in on the act.

The Rose Tree is the brain child of entrepreneur, Olga Rumble, former stressed out corporate employee who ditched the daily London commute to turn back to the power and simplicity of natural botanicals to manage her own skincare woes and stress levels.


The Rose Tree is a multiple award winning British beauty brand with a focus on extraordinary organic products for body and soul.  British luxury designed for modern women who want to look and feel amazing in today's frantic-paced lifestyle.

Most recently this included 2 Editor's Choice awards in the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards.



For further information contact:

Olga Rumble

07730 681417

Notes to editors:

The Rose Tree was founded by Olga Rumble in 2014 with a focus on skincare for real women.

We focus on ingredients that actually make a difference and have designed products to be first and foremost effective. To make our customers lives easier, to care for and nourish skin in an honest way. 

We use flower and plant oils with therapeutic benefits, to relax the mind and body, de-stress and energise.

We proudly manufacture in Britain.


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