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A new website,,not only shows you where to go for fabulous, quality, certified outdoor products, it is full of tips too. Each company is a member of LOFA (Leisure and Outdoor Furniture

One hot topic is how to look after patio furniture which can range considerably in price so, if you've invested in a good quality set, you'll want to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.

Tools you will need:

Paint brush, sandpaper, sponge, bucket, paint, and protective covers.

The way you care for your patio furniture will vary depending on the material it is made from. The guide below will help you take care of sets made from metal, wood rattan or resin.

Many people opt for metal furniture for its hardwearing properties and intricate designs that capture the eye.

It can be tempting to leave cleaning your garden furniture until the height of summer. However, if you decide to paint your metal furniture or find that a lot of work is required, you will need to leave enough time to do this and allow the metal to dry.

Giving your metal garden furniture a thorough clean even just once a year with either hot soapy water or a specialist cleaning fluid can make all the difference. Moisture spurs on rust and dirt hold far more moisture than a clean item. Consequently, ridding your metal garden furniture of dirt will help you to keep it looking its best.

Metal patio furniture can suffer from algae which, if left, can continue to spread and tire the appearance of the furniture. To maintain your outdoor furniture, it is best practice to kill algae when it forms by using a fungicidal wash or sterilising solution.

Once you've given the furniture a good clean, it's time to consider the aesthetics of the piece. A little prep work is required to ensure you are able to achieve a high-quality finish so, before diving right in with a paintbrush, you need to rid the furniture of any chipped or peeling paint and smooth surfaces with sandpaper.

You may wish to completely change the colour of your outdoor scheme. There is no need to use white or black; you can satisfy your thirst for bright colours, pastel hues or traditional vintage styles in the garden too! everything outside - where; who; what to look for; tips; buy from a LOFA member.


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