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When a Toaster Just won't Cut it

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Finding the perfect wedding gift no longer begins and ends with a chain store list of domestic essentials. Couples now live together nowadays for years before they wed, and it's not unusual for the basics to be accounted for long before the big day.

Time to introduce Jiggy Rawal, also known by her company name The Curatist. Whatever the ambition, from the extravagant to the hard-to-find; this lady will track down the most coveted objects of desire to make the bride and groom happy.

Jiggy explains: "Putting aside the current trend to contribute hard cash to an extravagant honeymoon, it is a challenge to find any gift with a decent wow-factor which will also accumulate in value over coming generations.

"Tastes have also evolved over the years and current lifestyle trends point couples towards luxury goods and individual pieces rather than the traditional mainstays such as a dinner service or carriage clock. We source chic statement gifts that reflect the personalities and interests of the couple, enhance their lifestyle and guarantee enjoyment throughout their married life."

With high-level qualifications in finance and an up-to-date knowledge of world markets, as well as a passion for art and collectibles, the extraordinary Jiggy can source the perfect piece, be it art, sculpture, a classic car or fine jewellery, and everything in between - at the best possible price. One of her most unusual commissions was to find a fully functioning red telephone box and a customised London black cab as wedding gifts, which of course, she did.

Jiggy explains more about sourcing the perfect wedding gift: "A gift of legacy comprises a passion piece, a one-off investment in something that makes the heart beat that little bit faster. It might be a work of modern art or a commissioned piece of bespoke jewellery or a sculpture.  The purchase will be give pleasure, attract value and become a cherished heirloom for the recipients."

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Notes to Editors

Another happy find was a stunning piece of art for a couple in Italy who had already set up home.  The wedding was at an extravagant location in Lake Como, and so it only seemed fitting to have a gift to match. Jiggy worked with them to find a piece of artwork that reflected both their tastes which the guests all contributed towards. The newlyweds also added to the purchase as a wedding gift to each other and the piece now takes pride of place in their beautiful home.

Another occasion saw Jiggy facilitating the design of a very special engagement ring. The client hoped to surprise his fiancée with a vintage style ring but wanted to move away from the traditional solitaire. Jiggy explains: "This was an exciting project as it meant sourcing exactly the right stone to complement a one-off design. Through my personal contacts, I was able to negotiate a bespoke piece through a prominent jeweller. The couple now have a unique ring that represents their love whilst the inherent value of the stone plus the distinguished brand name of the jeweller will guarantee that the piece rises in value for generations to come."