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Teknos Paints; buy from the best


8 May 2018

Teknos Paints; buy from the best


Finnish born company,Teknos, has over 25 years' experience of supplying water based coatings to the UK joinery industry. Working with some of the best-known names in the industry, including Timbmet, Accsys (Accoya) and James Latham, Teknos has built up a tried-and-tested coatings portfolio that works.

TeknosPro paints are not only technically-advanced solutions designed to protect and preserve wood, walls and metal, they also have low VOC levels and, as waterborne paints, they have little impact on the environment compared to solvent-borne products from others in the industry. They are specifically designed for the discerning professional painter.

TeknosPro chooses high quality raw materials at the manufacturing stage to offer the best performing coatings.With superior pigments and binders, the coatings have a long life prolonging the times between maintenance and touch ups. The waterborne paints do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metals making them perfect for the home as they are safe for the homeowner and the environment. However, as with use of any paint, the use of protective equipment and clothing is advised.

The waterborne agent gives TeknosPro paints a smooth finish which is often hard to achieve with chalk-based coatings. Whether brushing, rolling or spraying, TeknosPro paints are extremely easy to use and give a higher coverage than competitors reducing the number of coats of paint needed.

TeknosPro's colour range offers richness in colour with the latest technology ensuring that the colour lasts as long as possible. The colour-match database has over 44,000 shades with coatings tinted to order, allowing customers multiple choice to find the perfect shade for their needs. Teknos also has their own colour card containing 147 popular opaque shades available fromTeknos Colour Mode.

Customers are the heart and soul of the business and that is why Teknos prides itself in providing outstanding customer support by staying close to customers to understand their unique requirements and provide advice on technical issues.

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Notes to editor

Teknos is a global coatings company with operations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Approximately 1,800 people are employed and the net sales for 2017 was EUR 384 million. Teknos is one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings. Teknos wants to make the world last longer by providing smart, technically-advanced paint and coating solutions to protect and prolong. Teknos always works in close cooperation with customers. The company was established in 1948, and is one of Finland's largest family-owned businesses.

Teknos GBI is a leading supplier of water-based coatings. Teknos paints are high-quality, low odour with sustainability at their core. Over the past 25 years, the company has specialised in factory-finished joinery with a niche and growing customer base in metal coatings, and now it also has a strong following for its multi-surface brushing paints for professional decorators. Established in the UK since 1991, it is part of The Teknos Group. The Teknos Group has a unique history, experience and culture which are enshrined in the Teknos GBI approach. The company's values of creativity, persistence and fairness, permeates all that Teknos does so that its offering goes beyond paint; Teknos' professionalism and experience will solve your coatings problems. For further information,

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