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Grittleton House joins the Gin Revolution

Grittleton House joins the Gin Revolution 

Historic Wiltshire Manor House offers an unmatched selection of gin styles to its wedding parties; from traditional juniper to floral, spice or herbaceous.

Leading Cotswold wedding and events venue Grittleton House is joining the gin movement with the introduction of their new ‘Gin Club'.  Given the popularity of this once named Cinderella spirit, the Gin Club is proving to be a popular addition.  

The new offering is tuned in to the 'Gin Revolution' which has swept the UK, and has become increasingly popular amongst the discernible drinkers of the age-old spirit, which is fashioned from juniper berries. 

‘Gin Club' membership is open to all guests throughout the duration of their stay.  The wide selection of gins can be paired with the tonic of the member's choice.  Each gin is served with the appropriate garnish and served with lots of ice.  Buy five gin and tonics and receive your sixth for free.

A range of gins will now be available including such favourites as: Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks and Plymouth, alongside other artisan and more exclusive varieties such as Sharish Blue Magic, Opihr, Slingsby Rhubarb, Conker and Williams Elegant.  Highly trained bartenders at 'The Gin Club' will be able to guide guests through the varieties on offer, from fruity to herbaceous to floral to citrus to spiced and of course the original classic juniper. 

For couples celebrating their special day, or for those who are simply swept along in the romantic atmosphere Eden Mill Love is expected to be a popular choice. For the ladies, Larios Rose pink gin could be a contender for the most appealing tipple. 

Grittleton House is a privately owned Victorian manor dating back to the early 1830s coinciding with the changes in the way gin was regarded and the arrival of the popular Gin Palaces.  Nelson Anjos, Hospitality Manager at Grittleton House, said: "'The Gin Club has proved an exceptionally popular spot for socialising with friends in the unique surroundings of this magnificent building.  We are delighted to extend membership to all wedding guests, and are confident that 'The Gin Club' is the perfect addition to our already popular offering. Weddings are all about creating an unforgettable and uninhibited atmosphere, with the historical element and rich heritage of Grittleton House itself, we can provide something very special."

‘The Gin Club' is open to all guests, simply pick up your gin card, start collecting your stamps and become part of this very popular community.

The final words can be left to the American comedian and writer of the early 20th Century, WC Fields, who said: "I exercise strong self-control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast."

If you love Gin why not join us at our GIN TASTING EVENT on July 13th.  Lots of gin to taste, expert advice, complimentary snacks and LIVE music from the Shadow Monkeys.  Visit our website for full details and how to purchase tickets  Hope to see you very soon.

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