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VAD Exclusive Networks £500m growth strategy


Distribution Evolving: Exclusive Networks to Supercharge Growth by Redefining the Role of the VAD

LONDON—MAY 3, 2018--UK's leading Value-Added Distributor has the DNA to provide scale, flexibility and value at every step of the journey

Exclusive Networks, the UK's leading value-added distributor, today launched an ambitious £500m growth strategy designed to leverage its scale, agility and unique industry heritage to drive value, volume and redefine what it means to be a VAD.

The Distribution Evolving strategy will aim to grow revenue by 20% year-on-year to 2020, building on Exclusive Networks' reputation as a company partners believe in thanks to its unique DNA of people and culture.

"There's a misconception in the channel that Exclusive Networks only occupies the mid-market. In reality, we're the largest ‘true' value-added distributor in the UK, because broad-liners don't — and in many ways, can't — offer much real value. We provide the best of both worlds: scale, experience and proven processes on the one hand and flexibility and specialisation on the other. Our value continues to increase as our volume does," said Graham Jones.

"Distribution is primarily a people-centric business, and our people are our DNA. We take time selecting, mentoring and training our staff to ensure that they know what's expected by VARs and vendors alike. They know the channel is all about relationships and are focused on driving value, rather than cutting costs and hoarding profits for shareholders. Our new strategy will supercharge this push as we look to innovate our way to further success."

Exclusive Networks has always been committed to finding only the best industry talent to help drive growth and success. As part of this new push, the firm has recently invested in a new tier of field-based account managers to increase geographical coverage and ensure local offices are on hand to serve local partners.

The VAD has also reduced the number of accounts each sales person works with in order to increase customer talk time and focus — driving more meaningful partnerships for vendors and reseller partners.

Exclusive Networks is continuously building a portfolio of vendors that are the best in their field, but which also have a culture closely aligned to its own.

Vendors and channel partners, will benefit from Exclusive Networks' ability to: identify new business opportunities; develop innovative multi-vendor solutions; host world-class technical skills and support; provide award-winning marketing resources; and combine specialist capabilities with global reach.

"Value to a DXC is very different to that of a smaller reseller, just as value to a Symantec is different to a Gemalto. The Exclusive Networks way is to stay agile, take time to understand their culture, what's required, and fill the gaps in their business they may not even know existed," says Graham Jones.

"It's a strategy which has served us well and have proven it works. We've come from £40m in revenue five years ago to reach £300m today. After yet another record quarter it's time to push on to the next level."


About Exclusive Networks

Exclusive Networks partners with market leading and emerging vendors that provide cybersecurity, networking and infrastructure technologies through a channel of resellers.

In addition to these solutions, our resellers have access to our innovative range of technical and marketing services that enable them to meet the challenges of enterprises of all sizes faced with evolving security threats or to introduce them to new and complementary products that enhance their existing technology infrastructure.

Our people are experts in the technologies that they sell and support, and we adopt a distribution model that continually redefines value and creates differentiation in the market by overturning traditional methods and practices. For more information, visit



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