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Press release: Natural plant-based eczema treatment cream for children


Press release: 2ndMay 2018


HydraNure produces natural plant-based eczema treatment cream for children

Offering an alternative to emollients and steroids


Glasgow, Scotland:  HyrdraNure has produced a natural, five plant-based eczema cream that will replace the emollients and steroids offered by modern medicine. HydraNure spent a decade perfecting its Dry Skin Cream as a replacement for the difficult to absorb lotions handed out by doctors and pharmacies. Developed in Glasgow, Scotland, by company founder Paul McGregor, HydraNure has already changed the way many parents treat their children's skin problems.

McGregor saw the problems parents face when applying messy creams to their children first-hand. The company founder experienced the same nightmares other mothers and fathers do. His two young boys developed eczema and McGregor learned how difficult the skin problem is to treat. Despite applying messy emollients and short-term steroids, McGregor saw little relief in his sons. He knew there had to be a better way to treat the skin problems his sons and other children experience.

McGregor's mission was to find a product that was easy for the skin to absorb. He also wanted an alternative to steroids, which were short-term and could cause side-effects. McGregor consulted with a botanicals expert and the duo began to blend natural elements that had been used for centuries. McGregor's mission to find an eczema treatment for his children led to the creation of the HydraNure Dry Skin Cream. Combining aloe vera, calendula, grapeseed, sesame seed and shea butter as its five all-natural ingredients, HydraNure Dry Skin Cream soothes dry, itchy and painful skin areas.

According to the National Eczema Society, one in five children has eczema. It is a very painful skin symptom and one that parents feel powerless to end. HydraNure is easy to apply and quick to absorb and it allows parents to gain a sense of control in the fight against dry, itchy and painful skin. The five natural ingredients cool and soothe the skin, while the vitamins in HydraNure Dry Skin Cream treat the affected areas.

"The current NHS, Eczema Society and British Association of Dermatologist guidelines recommend thick chemical emollients and steroid cream. There has to be a better way. HydraNure is more natural, absorbs more easily and works faster," McGregor explained.

HydraNure's Dry Skin Cream has been so effective in its fight against eczema in children that the product received the Bizzie Baby Gold Award for Family Health. It is just one of the many accolades HydraNure has obtained. However, the most important awards for McGregor and his skin cream company are those from parents who want their children to live a pain-free childhood.


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