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Get fit, have fun and discover London on innovative new fitness and sightseei


Get fit, have fun and discover London on innovative new fitness and sightseeing tours


Mixing exercise, fantastic music and fascinating sightseeing London Fitness Tour's fun and friendly tours bring the capital to life for everyone from culture vultures to fitness fans looking for an alternative to the gym.


The London Fitness Tour brings together culture, music, sightseeing and exercise in a lively and engaging way, giving tourists and locals alike the chance to explore areas including Brixton, Shoreditch, Isle of Dogs, Holborn, Little Venice and Wimbledon, all the time listening to great music inspired by and connected to the area they're exploring.


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Tours last for either 45 minutes at lunch time - the perfect pick me up for office workers on their break, or for two to three hours at the weekends. The tours are suitable for wide range of people, proving that fitness is for everyone: individuals, families, corporate groups, tourists, locals, older people, pregnant women and mums and babies are all catered for.


The London Fitness Tour is run by Elisabetta Faggiana and Savio Los.  Elisabetta Faggiana, came up with the idea of thisnew concept of cultural fitness and created the idea of a "fitness guide", combining Savio's skills and her concept of bringing wellness and sightseeing to the streets of London. 


Savio is a personal trainer, avid music fan and passionate traveller and photographer who combines his passions to bring each tour to life. The result is an unforgettable experience for tour-goers, who'll be having so much fun discovering the city that they won't even feel like they're exercising.


Elisabetta says: "I realised there was the opportunity to create something uniquethat would not only combine Savio's skills but would be a great opportunity to find a fun and interesting way for people to enjoy London and get fit at the same time, it's an exciting time and the possibilities to expand are endless in such a diverse and fascinating city as London.


Each tour is meticulously researched and is accompanied by a playlist, curated by Savio, that immerses tour-goers in the atmosphere of the area. The music plays through speakers in Savio's backpack. As well as the five area tours bespoke tours are available and Savio is researching more areas as the demand for the tours grow. 


Savio says: "I may be a personal trainer, but I've always hated the gym. I was very unfit before I turned my life around with exercise. I found that exercising outside got me strong and fit without going anywhere near a gym. Now I've combined that with sightseeing and my passion for music so that people can exercise and experience London's fantastic vibe at the same time."


The tours are also sociable and stress-busting. Tour-goers get the chance to meet new people and talk as they walk, while walking helps to reduce stress by releasing mood-boosting endorphins into the system: the perfect antidote to hurried city life.


London Fitness Tour has already received a five-star ratings on TripAdvisor, with one participant enthusing: "Fitness and exploring are the perfect mix for this original tour of London. London can be stressful but after the walk I felt way more relaxed. People who hate sports will probably love this experience. You don't just walk - you can talk with the amazing host. After several hours of walking, I was ready for more."


Brixton was the focus of Savio's first tour, showcasing his talent for bringing areas to life via their musical heritage. Exploring David Bowie's graffiti, Electric Avenue and spots frequented by Fleetwood Mac and Adele, the tour was an instant hit. It continues to evolve, as do all of Savio's tours, as he discovers new things about the area.


Savio says: "I love living the culture of London. When I plan and lead the tours, that's what I'm doing: I'm living the culture. I love exploring and planning and finding new things. I look for things to discover wherever I go and bring them together in the most fun way I can."






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About London Fitness Tours


The London Fitness Tour offers separate tours of six areas of the capital: Little Venice, Holdborn, Shoreditch, Isle of Dogs, Brixton and Holborn. Sessions cost from£15 depending on the length of tour and the area. Tours are suitable for all levels of fitness. Customised tours can be created for groups on request.