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Whitewed Directory launches first-of-its-kind ‘Couples Panel’ business review
 Whitewed Directory launches first-of-its-kind ‘Couples Panel’ business review

Wedding directory kickstarts revolutionary new service for companies and suppliers

Wiltshire-based company The Whitewed Directory is launching a revolutionary new service known as ‘Couples Panel’. This service aims to help wedding suppliers better understand the needs of their clientele, which in turn will boost their businesses. 

Wedding suppliers sometimes find themselves baffled by clients going silent on them after meetings, or why enquiries don’t convert into actual orders. The ‘Couples Panel’ aims to shed light on these issues, and how companies can improve their offerings or services - by going straight to their target market and getting answers directly from them. 

The service comprises of a panel of paid couples who are in the midst of planning their own wedding, and who come from all walks of life. Their budgets range from £4000 to £25,000 and the venues they pick vary widely, from registry offices to social clubs or even manor houses or castles. New couples are added daily to the panel and their weddings are to take place between 2018 to 2021. 

Wedding suppliers can opt to choose five couples from the panel, whom they feel most closely suit their targeted market. The Whitewed Directory will collate their feedback and compile an extensive report on the following areas:

- First impressions
- Social media
- Website
- Booking process
- Overall outlook

Each report will also include insights on the couples’ choices, such as where they look for suppliers, when they are likely to begin booking services, whether they read T&Cs or what discourages them from making a booking. From each area of analysis, suppliers will receive a score out of ten, as well as direct and detailed feedback from each couple on what they liked best from the supplier or what they felt the supplier could improve on. 

The founder of The Whitewed Directory, Natalie Lovett, elaborates, “Often we hear our suppliers struggle with the day-to-day juggle of running their own business. They don’t have the time to review how things are going, and they don’t know how to measure success in exact terms. Do you just give yourself an annual appraisal and set the next year’s goals?

“The Whitewed Directory is keen to not only be a platform for your business but to be a support to our suppliers’ continual improvement. We want everyone to succeed, which is why we’re launching ‘Couples Panel’.”

So far, ‘Couples Panel’ has been a great success with suppliers from The Whitewed Directory. Vicki Crocker of Trousseaux says, “The whole process is very easy and extremely good value for money. [...] It has galvanised me into action – actually it was like a kick up the bum to do what I had thought I should have done long ago.” 

Tamsin Yates of Bespoke Signs and Stationery similarly felt that it was of great value to her business, stating: “The service has provided me with a clear list of action items to improve my business – and I know it’s items which matter to potential customers.”

James Isom, of The Cotswold Bar Company, agrees that the information gleaned from the ‘Couples Panel’ has been important to growing his business- especially a younger company like his. He says, “As a business, we are just entering our second full season and we are learning lessons all the time. We now have a full summer for 2018 and bookings into 2019 but these have come after A LOT of quotes and tweaks.” 

About the directory

The Whitewed Directory is the premiere wedding resource for couples planning to wed, with vetted and accredited wedding suppliers located in the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire area. They feature suppliers from 24 services, from wedding music to bridal boutiques.

To discover more, find them on The Whitewed Directory may also be reached via telephone at 01793 238921 or email at

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