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Book news: Powerful coming of age novel transports you to the real Africa

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Powerful coming-of-age novel transports you to the "real Africa" through the eyes of a young revolutionary

The Day of the Orphan is due for release on Africa Day - May 25th2018


London, United Kingdom, April 5th2018: Social development consultant and activistDr NatTanohhas signed British agencyLiterally PR Ltd(LitPR) to support the launch of his debut novel The Day of the Orphan. This is the first full-length novel by Dr Nat Tanoh who has had an inspiring and rich history of involvement in student and workers' movements, stemming from struggles against the institutionalisation of military rule in Ghana, through to his role as a consultant on development projects in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.


Dr Nat's debut novel, The Day of the Orphan, is due for international release as both a paperback and eBook on Africa Day, May 25th2018.


LitPR has worked with more than 250 authors, literary agents and publishers over the past six years, helping to launch new books and build authors' platforms to reach wider audiences. Helen Lewis, Director at LitPR, comments: "‘The Day of the Orphan is a riveting and insightful read starring a brave, inspiring young man as the lead protagonist. You immediately warm to Saga and his passion for democracy, the right to live a full life without fear of being seen with the ‘wrong' person or being heard saying the ‘wrong' things. Having never been to Africa, it created a vivid picture in my mind of an unknown landscape, but also offered a clear view of Saga's family setting, even the food - a powerful combination that I've not found to be so evocative in other stories based in Africa that I've read. It's eye-opening to consider similar situations not only happened to the author - and prompted his exile to England as a child along with his parents - but continues to happen to families in some parts of Africa today. This is not just a brilliant novel, but a story that should be read for greater understanding of Africa - both for Africans and the rest of the world."


Leila Dewji, publisher at Acorn Independent Press, says: "The Day of The Orphan is such a wonderful coming of age tale, both the unlikely hero, Saga, and his nation are on the cusp of great change. I've loved working with Dr Nat and  am delighted that Literally PR will be helping this thought-provoking and timely book reach as many readers as possible."


Dr Nat Tanoh, author, adds: "I hope I have managed to depict in The Day Of The Orphan the astounding realities of many an African context where the forces of enlightenment and progress grapple daily to overcome adversary in the form of destructive, unaccountable leadership. The novel's chief protagonist, Saga the Chief Orphan, enthusiastically represents all that is hopeful and oftentimes liberating for youth in general today, where the perceived call of duty is placed above personal or material gain. This novel is for all lovers of exciting fiction, which I hope many will find an enjoyable, refreshing and uplifting read despite it being, at times, a story that speaks to important issues that beset many a society in Africa and elsewhere around the globe. I am delighted and feel incredibly honoured that so prestigious a firm as Literally PR with the superb Helen Lewis at its helm has consented to include me and The Day Of The Orphan into their august gallery of the authors and books they represent."

Book blurb...

This magnificent new coming-of-age novel by Dr Nat Tanoh shines a light on what it's really like growing up in Africa. The Day of the Orphan tells the story of what unfolds when a chubby kid from a charmed background becomes the reluctant revolutionary his country so desperately needs. Can one happy-go-lucky schoolboy really stand up to a murderous regime? How long can he stay one step ahead of the Zombie soldiers that will do anything to stop him?


Notes to Editors

Digital and paperback advance reader copies of The Day of the Orphan are available from early April 2018. The book is also available to reviewers on NetGalley ( Copies can be requested in advance for competition prizes.

Dr Nat Tanoh is available for interview and editorial commission.

LitPR is organising a blog tour - to be part of this event please Book signings and literary festival appearances are also being scheduled (again, please contact us for more information or to enquire about Dr Nat appearing at your event). 

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