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Holistic approval boosts leading HIUs hot water credentials



Holistic approval boosts leading HIUs hot water credentials

Stokvis Energy Systems' Econoplate H2

Having always been able to demonstrate compliance with WRAS/KIWA requirements for water quality, theH2 Heat Interface Unitsoffered byStokvis Energy Systemshave now been granted overarching certification through the regulatory scheme.

The consolidated approval was awarded following exhaustive tests at the Water Research Advisory Scheme's approved laboratories, so that the product portfolio now offers consultants and contractors involved with the creation of communal or district heating schemes the ultimate confidence.

TheWRAScertification will remain valid for five years until December 2021 and covers the Stokvis Econoplate H2, H2-24/14, H2-24/24 and H2-24/40 Heat Interface Units.

The HIUs have also been made more serviceable in that the key components are now easier to access and demount as necessary; and they remain amongst the few such units available that are British made.

Furthermore, this is a very important and rapidly growing market, enabling those who live in, or operate apartment buildings and other complexes, to do away with the risks and inefficiencies of individual gas boilers in every dwelling. And instead switch to shared boiler systems incorporating renewables, including heat pumps and solar panels, so that far greater energy efficiency can be enjoyed by all residents.

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