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Press release: Children’s belongings securely labelled with Easy2Name


Press release: 5thApril 2018


Children's belongings securely labelled with Easy2Name


With children needing to take so many different items to school these days it is vital that they are securely labelled with their name to ensure that you do not spend your time delving through the lost property box.

Easy2name original Stick-On name labels are the quickest way to simply and easily label all of your child's belongings. They are dishwasher; microwave and steriliser proof so will stay firmly stuck to all non-fabric items. This includes lunchboxes, bottles and beakers, shoes, pencils, phones, toys, sports equipment, glasses cases and so much more.

Easy2Name original Stick-On labels come in packs of 20, 50 and 100 labels.


Note to Editors:

Easy2Name original Stick-On labels, from £3.95 for 20 small stickers and £12.95 for 50 large stickers.

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