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"Be more cat to help your back pain" says top physiotherapist



Nikki Robinson
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"Be more cat to help your back pain" says top physio


Myofasical Physiotherapist purr-suades patients to get on all fours


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Expert Physiotherapist Nikki Robinson is challenging recommended treatments for back pain that even the Lancet have pinpointed as invasive with limited success. Robinson says our pelvic alignment is key and our cats are our ideal role models.


"Like our feline friends, we can stay flexible by moving and stretching as our bodies need it, instead of just ignoring those niggling pains. 

Ideally we should respond to tightness by changing what we're doing. So move position if you start to feel tightness.The more often the better!" says Nikki Robinson who believes this can have life-changing results.

• According to The Lancet: "Lower back pain is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. Most adults will have low back pain at some point."
• 14m people are living with pain in the UK.
• In 2016, 31m working days were lost due to back, neck and muscle problems.


The Lancet advises pain management should be achieved through movement but how do patients get moving without making their condition worse?


Myofascial Release Physiotherapist, Nikki Robinson advise five easy ways to do this.


  1. Stretch - take inspiration from your cat, but never push into pain when you are stretching.
  2. Breathe - holding your breath when you are in pain tightens everything up and makes it worse.
  3. Drink plenty of water - dehydration affects every cell and tightens your tissues up.
  4. Follow your body - by changing what you are doing when your muscles are starting to tense, you can often prevent the pain or spasm that follows.
  5. Check your posture - what positions do you spend most of your time in? Your body will adapt to this over time and gradually they will become your normal.


Myofascial Release treatment is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.


Nikki Robinson and her specialist therapists at Holisticare, her rural Essex practice situated on a working farm, are givingdramatic and long-lasting results to patients of all ages who suffer from a wide range of conditions. They come from all corners of the UK to access this treatment.

Nikki says; "Most of my patients who come for treatment because of back pain have had numerous scans and many different types of treatment, including injections and surgery. In many cases they have had to stop doing things that they love and can struggle to perform even the most basic of daily activities. 

In my experience your pelvic alignment is key - if your pelvis is rotated, so are your core muscles and the rest of your body will be under considerable strain."




For further information contact:

Nikki Robinson

Tel 01279 718331


 Notes to editors :


Nikki Robinson is one of the top Myofascial Release Physiotherapists in Europe.


In 2006 she founded Holisticare. It is one of the few specialist Myofascial Release practices in Europe.  Today the practice has over 2000 patients.


Nikki qualified as a Physiotherapist from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy, Birmingham in 1993 and then worked in the NHS and in Australia.


She trained in Myofascial Release in the US with John Barnes the American Physiotherapist who developed the technique.



Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

The Fascia Research Society



  • Winner of the Best Business Women Health and Wellbeing Award 2016
  • Finalist in the Harlow Business Awards customer service category 2016
  • Finalist Small Business of the Year and Winner of the Judges' Award - Uttlesford Business Awards 2017