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Press release: The October Men successfully launches at Blackwell's


The October Men successfully launches at Blackwell's Holborn


Debut author David Impey launched his conspiracy thriller novel at the beautiful Blackwell's book shop in Holborn, London on Friday (23rdMarch) evening. The launch party marked the end of a week of celebrations including a raft of four- and five-star reviews, radio interviews and the book being ‘sold out' within 24 hours in some stores. 


London, United Kingdom, March 26th2018:Oxford writer, researcher and musician David Impey (pictured right talking to a guest at the launch) officially launched his debut novel, The October Men, at the Blackwell's bookshop in Holborn, London on Friday evening (23rdMarch). Joined by more than 60 friends, family, journalists and film/TV producers, it was an evening of celebration that signalled the end of one part of the long journey that is publishing your first book, and the start of the next. David has since been snapped up by a literary agent to represent him at the upcoming London Book Fair (April 10-12) for The October Men and his second novel. He is also in conversation with two film production companies regarding the potential of The October Men for the big screen, something that most writers dream of, but few ever get to talk about seriously.


The launch party included the eagerly anticipated wine, cake and conversation, and all the copies of The October Men sold out in the evening. Richard Bentine (pictured left), son of the original ‘Goon' Michael Bentine, read an exhilarating excerpt from the conspiracy suspense/thriller, which received rapturous applause and encouraged yet more spending on the book!


Photos from the evening can be found in the online press folder:


David Impey said: "The response to ‘The October Men' has been a fabulous surprise. Given that the narrative is very non-linear and uses a lot of different voices, the feedback I've had was strongly positive. It seems readers like being stretched."

Helen Lewis, publicist and director at Literally PR, said: "We've attended hundreds of book launches over the years, but this one was particularly special, as we've been championing David for months, and have enjoyed seeing the growth in awareness about his writing, and the wonderful reviews for The October Men that have been flooding in. It's always a good feeling to see it all coming together, and rather excitingly, this is really just the beginning for David, with the talk of a film and interest in a second book."


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About The October Men


The October Menis the striking new novel from musician David Impey that will challenge the conventions of story-telling. If you enjoy thrillers by John le Carré and Colin Dexter, or stimulating science fiction by John Wyndham, then

The October Menisthenovel you will want to read in 2018.


Otto Parsons, a brilliant young Oxford physicist, is missing.The October Menis a story of Otto's experiment in quantum physics - trying to create zero gravity without going into space - which yields spectacularly unexpected results: time travel. Professor Dan Sibley, ever more desperate to secure funding to keep the experiment running, allows their work to fall into the control of men with an utterly different agenda. Otto's disappearance is the first link in a chain of events, which tie together monumental historic moments including the sale of a lost van Gogh painting, the discovery of rare film footage of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the discovery of a hoard of rare art treasures in a French cave, and the murder of a financial advisor in the Cayman Islands. The scientists initially try to fund the experiment by producing a historical TV series that uncovers the truth behind the Roswell Incident and the assassination of President Kennedy, among others. Inevitably, the show goes viral and attracts unwanted attention. As the project requires ever more funds, sponsorship is sought elsewhere, and control of the equipment quickly passes to a shadowy cabal of international criminals whose activities have global consequences, as they exploit the equipment to take advantage of the financial and art markets.


When the truth slips out, human existence itself comes under threat.


About the Author

This is the first full-length novel by David Impey. He originally graduated in Chemistry and, afterwards, worked in high-tech industry either on the marketing/commercial side or in advertising. David has helped write campaigns with a heavy emphasis on demystifying supposedly obscure areas of science that affect everybody on a day-to-day basis and has won several awards for his work.

His first published work was an April Fool's article in a yachting magazine and, since then, David has been a frequent columnist, contributor to industry journals and online blogs, as well as setting up some and editing others. He also developed a TV series about health called "The Dose".

When he's not writing, David is a composer, producer, and keyboardist. He has worked as a musician for 20 years principally as a composerof soundtrack music for corporate clients ranging from sherry to paint to insurance and cruise lines.

Some of his music has been used extensively by TV companies across Europe including the UK and the Netherlands. David lives near Oxford with his wife and insane dog.





Title:The October Men

Author:David Impey

Genre:Suspense, Mystery, Conspiracy Thriller

Publisher:Big Bear

Publication date:20 March 2018

Availability:Paperback, eBook


Price: £12.99


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Online profile:



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