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The Treasure Hunter
The Curatist: A Modern Day Treasure Hunter


Jiggy Rawal is a modern day treasure hunter and the envy of most career women.


But before images of Indiana Jones spring to mind it should be said that Jiggy’s job is a highly responsible one that involves sourcing the rarest, the most exclusive and frequently the most valuable collectibles in the world on behalf of her high net worth clients.

Jiggy - known as The Curatist- from London, is on a mission to show us that wealth can be created in many ways and that an object of desire can not only bring pleasure and enjoyment but also leave a lasting legacy for loved ones.

Jiggy’s strength lies in her knowledge of the collectibles market and estimable career in the financial sector where as a chartered accountant (CGMA and FCMA qualified) she was recognised for her significant achievements and skills within the field.


Deciding to follow her passion for collectibles, less than a year ago Jiggy left her position as Divisional Chief Financial Officer of a well-known insurance company to set up The Curatist.

Drawing on her financial expertise and her knowledge of collectibles, Jiggy and her team act as a unique halfway house between dealers and the customer as they search for the perfect piece that reflects personal values, tastes and aspirations; holding value for the buyer in the present whilst creating a legacy that will be cherished by future generations.

Over the years I’ve seen first-hand the growth of the ‘experience economy’ which has been the catalyst toestablishing The Curatist, she explains.  “It’s my job to source alternative  assets on behalf of my clients and in many instances create a portfolio of inspiring legacies for them.”


Her work necessitates keeping up to date with market trends, building relationships with dealers and negotiating purchases on behalf of her clients who live all over the world.

Jiggy has a little black book of contacts within the art world and admits to strong personal relationships with the top jewellers such as Boodles, although of course she is too discreet to discuss specific commissions.


“I create collections of art, classic cars and fine jewellery for my clients and source specific items upon request. It could be a unique wedding gift like a diamond studded work of art or quirky items such as a London black cab and an old fashioned British telephone box which an American client requested recently!

“Being a curatist is a dream job that uses my knowledge of the wealth sector with my passion for and understanding of the collectibles market.

“It takes me all over the world, connects me to some incredible people and sets me the most marvellous of challenges! However, perhaps the greatest satisfaction comes when I successfully fulfil a commission and see the smile on my client’s face!”

It would be no problem to supply Q&A, hi-res images, further copy or an interview with Jiggy.