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Sensor technology at its best with BLANCO's SOLENTA-S tap




14 February 2018

Sensor technology at its best with BLANCO's SOLENTA-S tap 

Pictured is the BLANCO SOLENTA-S tap.

Redefining sensor technology to make life easier in your kitchen, BLANCO UK has designed theSOLENTA-Stap which has a manual or hands-free Start-Stop mode. The professional design is perfect for your kitchen, especially when the family is rushing around; the sensor detection is located in the hose arm which stops the tap from accidentally being activated.

Ideal for every kitchen, the product is elevated with a precise magnetic spray holder. The SOLENTA-S is available with the lever on either the left or right side so, regardless of whether you are left or right handed, your tap can be the perfect match for you.

The SOLENTA-S is available in Chrome and Stainless finish UltraResist® which is not only easy to clean but is also stain and wear resistant; perfect if you're always on the go with little time.

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