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Wedal Road Household Waste Recycling Centre will close on March 2nd

Wedal Road HWRC will close at 6pm on Friday March 2ndbut residents in the city will still be able to use the Councils' two supersites at Lamby Way and Bessemer Close.

The decision to close Wedal Road was made in February 2014.

Wedal Road HWRC has been plagued with problems for many years and regularly has to close to the public at short notice. There are also environmental concerns that have been raised with the council by Natural Resources Wales regarding the impact of noise pollution on nearby residential homes.

Cllr Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets and Recycling has set out detailed reasons for the decision.

Cllr Michael said: "This facility is not fit for purpose. In terms of the site itself, it is too small to collect all the materials that we want to recycle and isn't big enough to handle the volumes of waste.

"When skips become full, we have to close the site to allow the waste to be transported out. Operationally it is a nightmare. We have invested in an excellent new facility at Lamby Way which is only three miles from Wedal Road HWRC and Bessemer close is only four miles away.

"Both of these facilities can help you recycle many more types of recyclable materials, with Lamby Way able to deal with 24 different types of recycling and waste, both sites also have a reuse facility of furniture and goods."

"Both of these facilities have been designed so that the public can dispose of their recycling and rubbish, and the waste can be transported off site safely and easily while the site is still operational.

"Wedal Road and Allensbank Road are the main access roads to Heath Hospital and residential properties are located next to the site. Often cars queue out onto the road causing an obstruction. This is a health and safety issue and isn't acceptable.

"I realise that residents in the north of the city use Wedal Road HWRC, but the alternative facilities are only a couple of miles away. People are probably waiting to access Wedal Road HWRC for longer than it takes to drive to Lamby Way or Bessemer Close anyway.

"We are also assessing demand and land options in the city, as to the need for any further facilities as the City grows.

"We are continuing to look for suitable land in the north of the city to build a new HWRC and money has been identified in this Administrations budget proposals announced today."