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ANPR – Automated Number Plate Recognition

The Council's in house Enforcement Agents who are responsible for enforcing the payment for parking fines, bus lane infringements and moving traffic contraventions will start using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) on the 12thFebruary.

The council's enforcement agents will be using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify vehicles with outstanding warrants that are refusing to pay. Vehicles can be immobilised until the total amount of the debt is paid - including additional statutory fees.

The Council has considered the use of ANPR technology in line with the Data Protection Act and the changes which are being brought in as part of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Cabinet Member for Finance Cllr Chris Weaver, said: "The use of ANPR technology will enable us to identify vehicles with outstanding warrants where the owners have failed to pay or engage with us for a long period of time. The technology will improve our efficiency and improve our collection procedures for unpaid warrants."

 "I would strongly suggest to anyone that has an outstanding debt for these offences to contact the council through Connect 2 Cardiff on 02920 872087 to pay the amount owed. If your vehicle is immobilised, then you will pay significantly more money to pay off the debt due to the statutory fees which will come into effect.

If you pay on time, or contact us early to agree a payment plan, you won't be at risk, which why I urge people to contact us now if they have an outstanding fine."