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Stewart Garden introduces the Ivy Planter Herb Pot for 2018

Stewart Garden introduces the Ivy Planter Herb Pot for 2018

Garden product manufacturer, Stewart Garden, has announced the launch of the Ivy Planter Herb Pot, which promises to revolutionise the way in which urban gardeners go about their hobby and brighten up often colourless neighbourhoods.

The Ivy Planter Herb Pot, which features three planting areas in each container section, helps to promote vigorous root development in plants and will suit creative gardeners looking to grow a choice of herbs or to create an attractive floral display within the confines of a balcony or patio.

Each planting area is served by a self-watering system through the interior planter, while the modular stacking system allows gardeners to create eye-catching cascading plant effects.

When asked about the launch, the Marketing Manager for Keter, the parent company of Stewart Garden, Alan Slack, said that the Ivy Planter Herb Pot was the ideal fit for gardeners who didn't have a traditional outdoor space at their disposal:

“In the current climate, more people are renting properties and with average house size decreasing, space for recreation & gardening activity is at a premium.

“Those who rent their homes spend up to 57% less than homeowners on maintaining a garden, and the percentage of UK adults owning a garden has fallen in recent years.

"The result of this is an increase in demand for indoor plants and urban gardening products. We want to encourage this creativity and dedication with the release of our new product. 

"The herb pot is therefore perfect for 'urban gardeners', who are often looking to grow herbs or plants in confined spaces.”

The Ivy Planter Herb Pot will be released across Stewart Garden centres across the country this month, with the product being available in white, light grey and mocha. It can be purchased for the great price of £13.99, while the remainder of Stewart Garden's comprehensive range can be found in over 1,000 garden centres across the UK.

Stewart Garden is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and is a proud British manufacturer. The company has worked to develop a distinctive high-quality range of products while following lean manufacturing principles and following relevant standards to minimise their environmental impact.

As part of the wider Keter family, Stewart Company is able to benefit from Keter’s resources and technical expertise and is growing its share of the garden market in the UK.