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Spice up this Valentine’s Day with Bangkok Lounge
 Spice up this Valentine’s Day with Bangkok Lounge

On the most romantic nights of the year, one chain of fine Thai dining restaurants in Bedfordshire is revealing their Beef Massaman recipe. Bangkok Lounge Group, who owns the chain, are looking to help those couples who like to turn up the heat on that magical February night. 

They believe in offering great-tasting food at affordable rates and have gone one step further with this signature dish. They’ve released this exclusive recipe, and food lovers can find out how to make it for themselves right here.

Company owner Motin Miah wanted to make clear, “Like all of our dishes, this one tastes best when cooked using fresh ingredients. It’s an award-winning dish, and one that we would love for more people to be able to enjoy.”


- Massaman curry paste (we suggest Mae Ploy) 31g 
- Diced onion (3cmx3cm) 52g 
- Coconut milk (we suggest Chao Koh) 213g 
- New Potatoes (peeled and boiled) 63g 
- Sliced thin strips beef top side 147g 
- Water 60g 
- Fish sauce (we suggest Pla Muek) 20g 
- Sugar 26g 
- Salt 1g 
- Vegetable oil 34g 
- Tamarind juice (squeeze from wet tamarind) 60g 


1. Place a deep pan or wok over a medium heat and coat with the oil (10 seconds).
2. Add the massaman curry paste, pour half of the coconut milk and slowly stir (1 minute).
3. Add the beef and raise the heat. Stir until the beef is almost cooked (1 minute).
4. Add the potatoes and onion and pour over the water, tamarind juice and coconut milk. Then, season by adding sugar, fish sauce and salt. Stir together and simmer over a low heat (3 minutes).
5. Transfer to the bowl and enjoy with steamed jasmine rice.

A history of fine dining

This isn't the first time that the restaurants have made the headlines. In 2009, Bangkok Lounge Group won the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce Community Business Award; and in 2010, they were runners-up. In 2016, they were highly recommended by Metro online and listed as one of the top Thai restaurants for vegan food.

Why cook yourself?

Valentine’s is the perfect night to stay in with your loved one and turn up the romance, but not everyone wants the stress of cooking. In those situations, Bangkok Lounge Group also offer a takeaway service and is the perfect way to enjoy great tasting food with a loved one, without the need for washing up afterwards. 

Or why not be spoilt for choice and dine in with one of the exciting set menus offered, one to suit every budget. With mouth-watering food coupled with an intimate and tranquil venue, there really isn’t a reason not to book!

To explore their menu, and see what takes your fancy this coming February 14th, visit their site here to avoid disappointment call or book on line to make a reservation

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