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The Women’s Health Clinic reveals a spike in women reporting accidental leakage

The Women’s Health Clinic reveals a spike in women reporting ‘accidental leakage’ due to heavy coughs and cold this winter.


As women grow older and their bodies start to lose collagen and gravity takes its toll, forms of mild incontinence can become common. The most frequent is stress incontinence, where the bladder releases automatically in acts of stress on the body such as a jump on a trampoline or an impromptu sneeze.


The Women’s Health Clinic, a group of 9 clinics across the UK, have reported a 17% rise in enquiries in the last 30 days for their 15-minute incontinence laser treatment, Nu-V, as patients cite a heavy cough or cold that exacerbate the symptoms.


With the rapid onset of Aussie flu, females are particularly at risk of leakage which is not only embarrassing but debilitating. In online consultations women report that not only are they routinely cutting short their activities outside the home to ensure access to a toilet is available, but the leakage also impacts on their sex lives.


The majority of women who approach The Women’s Health Clinic for a Nu-V treatment are over 30 with children. They have usually had a bad outcome from a GP practice who have either deemed the problem not severe enough or conversely, that it warrants surgery. They are disheartened and upset and feel they have not been taken seriously.


At The Women’s Health Clinic all patients receive a thorough 1-hour consultation followed by treatment of the laser which is similar to a smear test. The laser creates tiny wounds within the vagina which allow natural healing and collagen replenishment restoring the vagina back to its natural health. The patient can leave within the hour and return to work, swimming and sexual activity can resume again 4-days later.

Results of up to 100% improvement can result from just one treatment depending on the severity of stress incontinence, with the recommended treatment schedule for maximum results is 3 in one-year. 


If you would like to hear more about how coughs and colds are impacting on women’s health or require a case study please do let me know.

For more information on Nu-V see our video Managing Director Emma Soos speaking to Disruptive TV at the Giant Healthcare conference 2017 -

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