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Amber - for simple, cost effective underfloor heating



4 January 2018

Amber - for simple, cost effective underfloor heating


Ambers'electric underfloor heating solutions are a great way to save space within your home. You no longer need to have bulky radiators taking up space within your room; Amber offers discrete solutions through both heating mats and foils to keep the whole room warm and cosy.

So, how does it work? Amber Underfloor Heating has a simple installation process.

  1. Measure and plan. Work out where you want to lay the underfloor heating and take into consideration any obstacles such as pipework and furniture.

  2. For AmberDry foil mats, install an insulation board to the floor area to prevent heat being lost (this is recommended but not always required with the AmberMats).

3.             3.   Roll the mat. Place the cold tail (the starting point for the heat to travel under your floor) at the connection point (the place that             provides the heat) and start rolling the mat across the floor.

4.             4.   Cutting and turning. Cut and turn the mat to fit into your room, taking extra care around obstacles so that the yellow cable in                whichthe heat travels through is not damaged.

5.             5.   Lay your required floor finish as per your heating solution requirements.

The connection point allows the heat to travel from the cold tail throughout the yellow cable underneath your floor to keep all homes warm.

With 100W/m² and 150W/m² ranges available for AmberMats and AmberDry available for wooden hardfloor floorings to remove the requirement for any latex. Ensuring that all floor surfaces remain comfortable throughout the year. 

Amber Underfloor Heating is controlled by you with a thermostat. Although the thermostat must be installed and connected by a qualified professional, each room with underfloor heating can be controlled by its own thermostat and can be set and changed to the temperature that suits you. 

With a market leading warranties, Amber Underfloor Heating provide trouble free warm floors, keeping your feet toasty all year round.

For further information on Amber, please contact 0800 056 0494.


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