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MPs visit CNWL Employment Services following plans to employ 1m disabled people


06 December 2017

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MPs visit CNWL Employment Services following plans to put 1m people with disabilities into work

"She had a vision for me when I had none," this is Nur. Nur now works with disabled children, writes stories and creates illustrations. But, before she met Tina, her Individual Support Placement Support Specialist, she didn't think she would ever work again.

Nur's story is a familiar one, and highlights the importance of the CNWL Employment Service in helping people with mental health issues find work.

Yesterday, Nur and other Employment Service users were joined by Ministers Sarah Newton (Minister for Disabled People) and Jackie Doyle-Price (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care and Mental Health) at CNWL Employment Services, following the Government's unveiling of the ambitious Health and Work' plan yesterday which aims to get one million people with disabilities into employment.

MP Jackie Doyle-Price said; "It was great to hear directly from those people who've found and remained in work through CNWL's Employment Services today. I heard some really inspiring stories from staff and service users. We are focussing on improving the links between the welfare system, the workplace and healthcare. What I saw today shows how these services can make all the difference and give people the support they need to really thrive."

James, who also found work through the CNWL Employment Services, explained how it's not just about getting a job for people with mental health issues - but about finding work that is meaningful and makes a difference to their lives.

James said; "Everything changed for me when I started talking to my key worker. (It gave me) a purpose. Everybody has to have a purpose."

STANDING - (from left to right): -  Lina, Service User from Westminster,   Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care and Mental Health Meenal Patel, Employment Project Manager/Employment Specialist,    Stella Michaelides, Employment Specialist Westminster,   Lynne Miller, Employment Services Manager, Sarah Newton MP, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work,   Tina Meegan, Westminster Employment Team Leader / Employment Specialist, Nur (service user from Westminster), 
KNEELING: (from left to right) Stephen Cook, Divisional Director for Jameson, Nimesh (Service User for Harrow),  Jo Emmanuel, Medical Director,   Rash Patel, Dpy Employment Services Manager and James (Service User for Harrow)

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