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New approach to helping people into work

The new approach includes a simple gateway into employment services, available at community hubs, libraries and community buildings and in-depth mentoring and support to help people address any barriers they have to returning to work. Effective employer engagement will also be part of the service to focus on understanding the needs of employers, both locally and nationally, so that people can be prepared for real job opportunities.

Advice and assistance would also be available for people looking to set up their own business or social enterprise to help develop the entrepreneurial culture in individuals and communities.

The current schemes that are available have set qualifying criteria and often people lose out because they do not live in the right area or are not the right age. People also miss out because they do not know about the help available.

The Council will bring together various funding streams to develop a joined up service and to ensure that people can access the right service for them, wherever they live in the city.

Following Welsh Government's decision to phase out the Communities First programme and to take a new approach to tackling poverty across Wales focussing on employment, early years and empowerment, some funding, albeit much less than before, is available to provide employment services and to build resilient communities.



At its next meeting on Thursday, November 16, Cabinet will hear that there was widespread support for the proposals during the recent public consultation with 82% of respondents agreeing that the Council should directly provide and co-ordinate employment service and 92% favouring the introduction of a simple gateway into services.


Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "There is no clear pathway into employment services in the city and it's clear that the current system is not meeting the needs of everyone who needs support.


"The phasing out of the Communities First programme is an opportunity to re-evaluate Cardiff's employment services to ensure we are achieving the best outcome for people who need these services with the resources available.


"The new service, which will be fully implemented by April next year, will provide a much clearer pathway for individuals, avoid duplication and provide an opportunity to measure the success of the service more robustly."


The impact of the closure of Communities First and any potential gaps in services was also considered in the recent consultation as well as how community involvement and engagement could be improved. The need for new services has been identified focusing on Health and Wellbeing, developing pathways to learning, and supporting community engagement. It is proposed that a review of current provision and further consultation is carried out on these elements of the Building Resilient Communities programme with a further report to the Councils Cabinet due in the Spring.