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New Microwave Mug Soups Book By Theo Michaels


Microwave Mug Soups

50 delicious recipes, home-made in minutes...with just a mug to wash up!


Following the incredible success of Theo Michaels' Microwave Mug Meals (2016) the enigmatic TV chef (Masterchef, This Morning) returns with original, convenient & tasty mug soup recipes to spruce up your winter menu!



[image]Everyone loves soup, it is the ultimate comfort food, and perfect for winter. Whether you yearn for a traditional creamy tomato, a spicy fish chowder or a deliciously umami-rich ramen, a mug of soup is the perfect supper on the sofa, quick lunch and between-meal savoury snack. But a great-tasting soup involves lengthy cooking times with big pans and bulk ingredients, right? Wrong! Every soup in this book has been specially created to suit the microwave and to be cooked in a single mug, ready to eat. Instead of opening up a can, you can have an even yummier home-cooked mushroom soup, or chicken, even minestrone - made fresh in just the same amount of time.


In just a few minutes you can enjoy creamy asparagus and cream cheese, potato and leek, super-spicy Caribbean chilli chicken, hot and sour broth, Szechuan hotpot... both indulgent soups and good-for-you soups.


Classic soups from around the globe to try include: Moroccan chickpea, caldo verde from Portugal, Cambodian seafood, kjotsupa from Iceland and more! 

About the Author

[image]Theo was born in London (a while ago), lived in America for five years and has eaten his way around most of the planet with a backpack. He is now married with three children and no way will his wife backpack again. After reaching the semi-finals for Masterchef 2014, Theo quit his city job of 15 years to follow his passion and work fulltime in ‘food'. He's never looked back. Theo is now an accomplished private chef (currently booked six months in advance), works as an Executive Chef for a high-end private dining and events company, and is known for cooking ‘elegant village food' inspired by the flavours of Cyprus and his travels. Theo has regularly appeared on ITV's This Morning, creating microwave mug meals for Phil and Holly, as well as BBC Breakfast News, Sky TV, The Food Network, is a regular on BBC 3CR Weekend Kitchen show. He's also frequently spotted cooking at food festivals. Theo's inspiration for food varies from his roots, his travels to cooking for his family and his love of anything cooked over charcoal.




COOKING TIME: 2-3 minutes

EQUIPMENT: 300ml/1⁄2 pint mug

80g/3oz chicken breast, diced roughly into 1cm/ 1⁄2in cubes

185ml/6 1⁄2fl oz/generous 3⁄4 cup stock

15ml/1 tbsp lemon juice

7.5ml/1 1⁄2 tsp cornflour/cornstarch

1 egg

Seasoning (heavy on the black pepper)

1 Add the diced chicken breast and stock to a mug or bowl and microwave uncovered for 1 1⁄2 minutes (or until the chicken is cooked).

2 In a separate mug add the lemon juice and cornflour and stir until fully combined, then pour the cornflour mixture into the mug with the cooked chicken and stock and stir.

3 Using the mug that had the cornflour mixture in, crack an egg and whisk, then pour half the egg mixture into the soup and gently stir twice.

4 Microwave uncovered for 30 seconds, and season.



Title:Microwave Mug Soups

Author:Theo Michaels

Photographer:William Shaw

Genre:Cooking, Recipes

Publisher:Lorenz Books

Publication date:Nov 2017

Availability:Hardback with jacket. International distribution & sales in all good bookshops & online


Price: £10





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