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New book Learning to Drive...An Easier Way launched last night in London


Learning To Drive

An Easier Way

By Martin Caswell

[image]Learning To Drive...An Easier Way by Martin Caswell launched at The Institute of Directors in London last night (Tuesday 7thNovember 2017). Photos and video clips from the event are available:



Martin has 43 years of driving instructor experience under his belt. He specialises in teaching people who are nervous or anxious about driving and learning, and has extensive experience of teaching people with dyspraxia, autism and learning difficulties. He prides himself in being able to teach people using plain English and simplistic methods so they gain more confidence and competence quicker, not needing quite so many driving lessons to reach a safe and competent driving standard sooner. Using his inimitable calm manner, Martin has helped thousands of people to pass their driving test and knows that there is a much easier way to learn to drive than the recommended 69 hours of practice. Martin uses a series of simple methods to help with the tricky challenges many struggle with including the dreaded Parallel Parking. All these years of experience, methods, simplistic strategies, and calm teaching techniques are packed into this easy-to-follow book.Learning To Drive An Easier Wayis written for everyone who wants to learn to drive, particularly those struggling with confidence.


"You can learn to drive in a relaxed, easy and stress-free, enjoyable way," says Martin Caswell.


This is NOT a book designed to get you through the test alone, but rather, offers an ‘easier way to learn to drive'. It will help learners to pass their GCSE in driving at A Level standard.

Martin Caswell's style of teaching is unique; he uses the same analogies in the book as in his classes, and finds that telling stories helps make it easier to rememberwhya specific action needs to be taken."There are no rules to driving, everything you do is done for a reason. Therefore, the reasons are the rules."Martin also worked with a hypnotherapist to create an audio series called ‘Banish those driving test nerves', which is available for download and as an App to complement Martin's classes and now, the new book.


[image]About the Author

Martin Caswell grew up in the coastal village of Boscastle in Cornwall. Aged 23, he went to London to train with British School of Motoring (BSM) to become a qualified government-approved Driving Instructor. The plan, back in August 1974, was to teach for a couple of years. He worked for numerous schools including a 'Driver Education Centre' that had an off-road circuit to teach under-17s car control, so they were in a stronger position to pass their driving test when they reached 17. They also used to teach skid-control to motor-racing students from the Brands Hatch Motor Racing Stables, IAM groups, London Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police, and even anti-hijack techniques to the American Embassy staff. This involved reversing onto a skid-pan at high speed and spinning the car around 180 degrees then speeding off in the opposite direction. Martin also used to race saloon cars (Shellsport Ford Escort Mexicos) at Brands Hatch. In the 1970s, he moved to Belfast and taught there for around 18 months, before returning to BSM Kensington High Street, London where he opened his own driving school 'Acclaim Motor School' in 1981. Within two years he had four cars on the road covering the London area. When he met his wife, he moved out of London and moved his driving school to Berkshire. The rest, as they say, is history!




Title:Learning To Drive An Easier Way

Author:Martin Caswell

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:07/10/17

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution

Category:Motoring, Education


Price: £11.99


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