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Outreach at work: why NHS Grenfell Outreach team visits again and again.


06 November 2017

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Outreach at work: why NHS Grenfell Outreach team visits again and again.

Eight NHS staff (therapists and nurses) completed a sample street screening on Friday 3 November. They visited an area with 40 properties in the Lancaster West Neighbourhood, close to the tower.

Out of 40 properties followed up, 21 people answered and were very welcoming; we offered mental health first aid and we screened 19 people. Two people had already been screened.

17 were shown to have trauma symptoms and scored high on the screening tool, which is a high proportion. All of these people will be followed up by Taking Time to Talk, our Therapy service, and one by Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.

No one refused the screening, but some did express feelings of shame about needing help.

Jim O'Donnell, Outreach Manager, said, "There are many reasons people don't come for the help we offer; people are in need because of the extraordinary trauma they have experienced and this suffering is not a personal weakness; there is no shame in seeking help. It's a reason we take the NHS to the community."

Emma Kennedy, from the Outreach Team, said, "We were surprised about the high numbers who had symptoms of trauma. One person had seen their GP but most had said they had not been. The Outreach team's work means the local community can be given help; rather than waiting for them to come to the NHS, we came to them and will help those suffering in silence."

The Outreach Team was on the ground over the Guy Fawkes weekend (see photo attached); being a presence as needed; some people were upset by a light which was being projected against the tower.

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