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Press release: Essential neck support for a growing child, orthopaedic pillow



Press release: 2ndNovember 2017 

Essential neck support for a growing child,orthopaedic pillow by Cuski



Designed for children from two years of age through to around 10 the Cuski orthopaedic pillow is sized and shaped to give essential neck support to a growing child. Its design can help to eliminate future neck and back problems as well as pain, arthritis and poor circulation.

Children can often suffer from pins and needles and numbness, by trying to rectify this they toss and turn resulting in further lost sleep, being irritable and often tired.

The Cuski pillow is made from heat responsive visco-elastic memory foam anatomically designed to continually adjust to relieve pressure points, mould to accommodate growing shoulders and natural curves, keep the spine correctly aligned which allows muscles and ligaments to relax and reduce tossing and turning aiding restful sleep.

The pillow is protected by a 100% bamboo cover and pillow slips made using the Cuski comforter material are available.

Safety Awareness : Please note all babies need monitoring, and especially with items of clothing, muslin squares, toys, comforters, cuddlies & bed linen. All Cuski products are fully tested and used in UK hospitals.


Note to Editors:

Children's orthopaedic pillow £45, pillow slips £8.99 from

All Cuski products are multi-award winning and sold globally.

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