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Press release: Make sandwiches more fun with less waste



Press release: 1stNovember 2017 

Lunch Punch

The food cutter that makes sandwiches more fun with less waste



Designed to make sandwiches more fun for children the Lunch Punch will easily cut through two slices of bread and the filling while keeping the sandwiches light, fluffy and importantly appealing to your children.

The Lunch Punch is dishwasher safe and BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead FREE and is made from FDA certified food-grade plastic which, along with the packaging, is recyclable.

Each Lunch Punch pack comes with 4 cutters, all designed to cut as close to the crust as possible ensuring minimum waste but making sandwiches that kids will love.


Note to Editors:

Lunch Punch £12.00 from

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