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NewVIc making a difference with communities worldwide





31 March 2017



NewVIc making a difference with communities worldwide


NewVIc students have returned after volunteering on a 10 week expedition helping communities and businesses worldwide. Eight students were selected to work in Rwanda, Nepal, Tanzania, Borneo, Costa Rica and Nicaragua on programmes organised by Raleigh International and Challenge Worldwide. Working side by side withcommunities on environmental and business projects, they faced challenges in some of the most areas of the world like the rainforest terrains of Borneo, Costa Rica to Rwanda an economy recovering from the atrocities of the Rwandan genocide.


Projects covered business, water, sanitation, hygiene livelihoods, peer-to-peer education, raising awareness, and community infrastructure and resource development. Students stayed with selected families where they learnt about each other's cultures.


Agnes Thiongo, studying A levels in Government & olitics, Mathematics and Economics, volunteered in Tanzania said ‘'It was life changing for me, I have come out with a different perspective on life. In the west we take sanitation for granted, things like proper toilet facilities can change and save lives. I loved that the people I lived with and worked with in Tanzania appreciate the simple things in life. I really miss them, they were positive and happy regardless of what life throws at them, that's something we can all learn from.''


Habib Rahman, studying A level Biology, Geography and Statistics, said‘'It was tough but spiritual, tough because of the Borneo environment, I'm also a bit of an introvert, so at times it was culturally socially intense, so I had to learn resilience and tolerance. piritual because of the rainforest, seeing the monkeys including a glimpse of an orang-utan''


Esa Ahmed, studying A levels Government & , English, Sociology and , said‘Living in Costa Rica for 10 wks has raised my awareness of what other people deal with on a regular basis such as the effects of power cuts..... I saw lots of wildlife including poisonous snakes.''


Dr Steven Kern, Student Development Leader Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc) said‘'I am very proud of what these students have achieved. I have worked with for almost a year on the Raleigh & Challenges Worldwide volunteering programme and the level of progress they have made in their skills and personal development has been remarkable. They have been on a journey that has challenged them every step of the way mentally and physically. Not only have they all made an incredibl positive impact on the local communities, but they have also made an impact within the college itself, showing students locally and nationally what can be achieved  with the opportunities available.‘'




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