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65% of ecommerce businesses struggle with stock management

65% of ecommerce businesses struggle with stock management

ChannelGrabber, the leading software provider of multichannel eCommerce software has carried out a new study into the challenges facing retailers selling across multiple platforms such as eBay and Amazon.


After conducting market research amongst its extensive customer community of micro, small and medium-sized online retailers, ChannelGrabber found that these businesses are losing significant revenues due to avoidable inefficiencies in stock management, with 65% of the 250 respondents stating that this is their biggest difficulty.


What do you see as the greatest challenge as a multi-channel seller?


1.         Inventory and stock management (65%)

2.         Listings (13%)

3.         Billing (10%)

4.         Order management (8%)

5.         Shipping (4%)


At the same time, a number of reasons were given where effective stock management is essential. These included:


·              “Stock is our biggest single asset and consumer of cash”

·              “Too much stock is a drain on financial resources”

·              “The wrong stock results in products being tied up longer or worse price cuts, reduced profits or losses”

·              “Exposing all of our stock on every sales channel risks overselling and damaging negative feedback from disappointed customers”

·              “Splitting stock across sales channels exposes us to losing larger orders as it looks like we can fulfil them”


By using multichannel eCommerce software, the respondents said that they hope to eradicate overselling, minimise errors, save time and improve customer satisfaction.


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ChannelGrabber is a UK-based software company that has developed and markets an online solution for eCommerce retailers, that saves time and improves their ability to make more sales. With the ChannelGrabber solution, customers can easily sell across the world on numerous marketplaces and webstores including Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify and many others.


ChannelGrabber provides online retailers with a next-generation integrated, sophisticated yet easy to use suite of software tools that enable them to more easily manage their eCommerce listings, orders, inventory, billing, shipping and messaging.


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