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Chef claims to make ANY food with plant based ingredients to improve our health


RAW food chef makes everything from cakes to crisps using plants and claims it's a panacea to better health

From Netflix to BBC, Vegan documentaries are making waves and changing perceptions.


  • Health Foodie Lorraine Palmer is hoping to engage the world with RAW UNcooked recipes. She claims she can make a healthier tastier version of ANY food with plant based ingredients.

  • Rice, pizza, noodles, cake, biscuits can be made from e.g. cauliflower, courgettes, nuts, seeds, coconut, herbs and avocado.  An abundant amount of nutrients remain intact, giving you a more wholesome experience with your food and the health benefits are numerous.

  • Lorraine Palmer took to RAW food after she started to experience menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy. She knew eating closer to nature was the answer to steady her hormones and rid her from experiencing hot flushes, a bloating belly and mood swings. 

RAW food is generally not heated above 115 F / 46 C. It consists of plants only so no meat, fish, eggs or dairy are used. There are many people who eat 100% RAW and never feel they are missing out on anything tasty.

Lorraine Palmer offers the following services to show people how they can eat healthier by eating more RAW foods.

RAW Food demonstrations- making plant based drinks, meals, sauces & dressings, desserts and chocolate

 RAW Food Mentor & Coach- What's this RAW Food all about? Getting started, equipping your kitchen, changing your lifestyle, the bigger picture - when detoxification occurs!!

 Teaching - Community Education(children and adults) healthy options & benefits of eating plant based food, incorporating tastings, quizzes and a demo or two. 

 VIP day- getting undivided attention in your own home and planning your ‘plant based journey' 

If RAW foods is just too MUCH for you right now Lorraine can also adapt what she does to incorporate cooked vegan food. The recent airing on BBC iPlayer of ‘Carnage' a film about veganism by Simon Amstell shows valid reasons in a comical way why more people are turning towards plant based options at meal times.




Lorraine Palmer is an expert on RAW foods who writes forFunky RAWmagazine, she's been featured inChat,Daily Mailand graced the front cover of Wolverhampton (lifestyle) Magazine. She is the co-author of the following no1 best-selling booksMy Creative Thoughts (Expert Insights, 2016) and Women of Faith - Their untold stories revealed (BY Publishing, 2016). 

 Since premiering the film HOT FLASH HAVOC in the UK (2013), she has been on a mission; teaching others about adopting a different way of nourishing your body by eating more RAW (plant based) & Vegan foods. ‘Eating this way relieved my own menopausal symptoms and fuelled my passion to disseminate this information to all, especially women as they are the main nurturers of the planet' says Lorraine.

At this current time Lorraine is working on her book entitled ‘Raw Food in a Flash - a guide and recipe book for the menopausal woman. 



For further information contact:

 Lorraine Palmer 


 Tel: 07956 151574